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UPDATED: Weeks After Tragedy, Rec and Park Vehicles Still Drive in Holly Park; No Charges Filed Against Deadly Driver

As you know, there’s a vigil tonight at 5 pm for Christy Svanemyr, the victim in the Holly Park hit-and-run tragedy. Please attend if you can — not just because it’s a fitting way to remember Christy, but also because the … Continue reading

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Bernal Dads Racing Team Leaves Bernal, Goes Racing

After a week of frantic preparation and greasy troubleshooting, those gas-huffing dudes from the Bernal Dads Racing Team are at this very moment en route to Thunderhill Raceway, just north of Sacramento, for a weekend of inelegant motorsports competition with … Continue reading

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Sad Neighbors Want to Know Who Hit Their Parked Car on Saturday Night

This is a sad photo of Neighbor Amanda’s car. The car was hit on Saturday night while parked on the east side of Bernal Heights. Neighbor Amanda and her husband are understandably very sad, and they would welcome your help … Continue reading

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Cozy Bernal Heights Vacation Rental Gets Good Gas Mileage

Here’s an easy way to get away from it all — without having to get away at all! Check out this suh-weet Airbnb vacation rental in Bernal Heights. It’s comfortably furnished, with a queen-size bed, plush seating, big windows, and … Continue reading

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Why You Should Drive Your Fun Car with Your Sporty Kids During the 2013 Bernal GT on Saturday

There is a popular stereotype which says that Bernal Heights is home to a thriving community of Prius-driving treehuggers who treat personal transportation as an expression of their personal virtue. And to some extent, that’s true. Yet as even a … Continue reading

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“Failed Parking Attempt” Is Actually Aftermath of Possible Drunk-Driver Accident

Neighbor Mason captured these photos this morning on Franconia where it turns into Esmeralda; they document what may be the the most unsuccessful parking effort ever seen on the upper reaches of Bernal Heights. Neighbor Mason has a more elaborate … Continue reading

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Fallen Tree Courteously Avoids Nearby Car and Scooter

Strong winds took down a tree on Eugenia at Elsie yesterday, and Neighbor Emily commends the Forces of Nature for carefully avoiding the vehicles that were parked nearby: How lucky this car and scooter were that the tree and wind … Continue reading

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Car Break-In Epidemic Puts Citizens of Shotwell on High Alert

The streets around Precita Park are famous for glamorous style and a burgeoning array of amenities, but the SFPD’s Ingleside Station also identifies the area as a hotbed for smash-and-grab car break-ins. Neighbor Claudine reports that residents in the high-altitude … Continue reading

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Bernal Dads Pursue Glory, Honor, and Survival During Absurd LeMons Endurance Race

As you read this now, those grease-stained gearheads from the Bernal Dads Racing team are on their way to stylish Sonoma to prep for this weekend’s 24 Hours of LeMons at Sears Point Raceway. The battle-hardened Dads plan to race … Continue reading

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Absurd Hummer Limo Creates Stretched Drama on Montcalm

There was some noveau riche excitement on Montcalm at Peralta this morning, as a limo driver made a foolish mistake by trying to navigate the narrow streets of Bernal Heights in a ridiculously long stretched Hummer. As Neighbor Gareth reports, … Continue reading

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The Strange, Unsettling, and Possibly Even True Story of that “9/11 Tupac” Van Often Seen Around Northeast Bernal Heights

Have you ever noticed this white Ford van around Bernal Heights? The one with the hand-painted images of the American flag, the World Trade Center, and Tupac Shakur on the side? The van is frequently seen in the area around … Continue reading

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Exasperated Parking Note Is Exceptionally Well Documented

Neighbor Ron spotted this yesterday: Saw this beauty on my commute down Eugenia stairs. Looks like the offender has been there for a while. Indeed. Notice also that there is nothing even remotely passive-aggressive about this note — it’s straight-up … Continue reading

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Very Beautiful Photos of Very Crappy Cars in Bernal Heights

Just putting this out there: I think we should organize a Bernal Heights Car Show. Most car shows showcase immaculate or tricked-out rides, but the Bernal Heights Car Show would be an opportunity to celebrate the many vintage clunkers and … Continue reading

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