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Why You Should Drive Your Fun Car with Your Sporty Kids During the 2013 Bernal GT on Saturday

There is a popular stereotype which says that Bernal Heights is home to a thriving community of Prius-driving treehuggers who treat personal transportation as an expression of their personal virtue. And to some extent, that’s true. Yet as even a … Continue reading

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“Failed Parking Attempt” Is Actually Aftermath of Possible Drunk-Driver Accident

Neighbor Mason captured these photos this morning on Franconia where it turns into Esmeralda; they document what may be the the most unsuccessful parking effort ever seen on the upper reaches of Bernal Heights. Neighbor Mason has a more elaborate … Continue reading

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Fallen Tree Courteously Avoids Nearby Car and Scooter

Strong winds took down a tree on Eugenia at Elsie yesterday, and Neighbor Emily commends the Forces of Nature for carefully avoiding the vehicles that were parked nearby: How lucky this car and scooter were that the tree and wind … Continue reading

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Car Break-In Epidemic Puts Citizens of Shotwell on High Alert

The streets around Precita Park are famous for glamorous style and a burgeoning array of amenities, but the SFPD’s Ingleside Station also identifies the area as a hotbed for smash-and-grab car break-ins. Neighbor Claudine reports that residents in the high-altitude … Continue reading

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Bernal Dads Pursue Glory, Honor, and Survival During Absurd LeMons Endurance Race

As you read this now, those grease-stained gearheads from the Bernal Dads Racing team are on their way to stylish Sonoma to prep for this weekend’s 24 Hours of LeMons at Sears Point Raceway. The battle-hardened Dads plan to race … Continue reading

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Absurd Hummer Limo Creates Stretched Drama on Montcalm

There was some noveau riche excitement on Montcalm at Peralta this morning, as a limo driver made a foolish mistake by trying to navigate the narrow streets of Bernal Heights in a ridiculously long stretched Hummer. As Neighbor Gareth reports, … Continue reading

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The Strange, Unsettling, and Possibly Even True Story of that “9/11 Tupac” Van Often Seen Around Northeast Bernal Heights

Have you ever noticed this white Ford van around Bernal Heights? The one with the hand-painted images of the American flag, the World Trade Center, and Tupac Shakur on the side? The van is frequently seen in the area around … Continue reading

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Exasperated Parking Note Is Exceptionally Well Documented

Neighbor Ron spotted this yesterday: Saw this beauty on my commute down Eugenia stairs. Looks like the offender has been there for a while. Indeed. Notice also that there is nothing even remotely passive-aggressive about this note — it’s straight-up … Continue reading

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Very Beautiful Photos of Very Crappy Cars in Bernal Heights

Just putting this out there: I think we should organize a Bernal Heights Car Show. Most car shows showcase immaculate or tricked-out rides, but the Bernal Heights Car Show would be an opportunity to celebrate the many vintage clunkers and … Continue reading

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Bernal Becomes Location For Glamorous Fiat 500L Commercial

Fiat has decided to supersize the tiny 500 car that’s already such a fixture around San Francisco. To prepare for the rollout of the new 500L — the “L” stands for “large,” we’re told — Fiat filmed a commercial for … Continue reading

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Aggressively Friendly Parking Note Brings Happiness to Bernalwood Editor

It was Saturday, and I needed booze. Nothing too heavy; just a bottle of gin for cocktail hour and some Lillet to serve before dinner. So I hopped in the Telstar Logistics fake-fleet vehicle, and drove down to the glamorous … Continue reading

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Simple, Courteous Parking Note Discovered on West Slope

As the parking wars rage in some parts of Bernalwood, a neighbor on Elsie Street recently expressed him/herself rather more courteously in this vehicular memorandum: Please be [considerate] next time [of] limited parking space[s] by parking in rear closer to … Continue reading

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Bernal-Based Startup Offers Digital Alternative to Passive-Aggressive Parking Notes

Neighbor Regina wrote up this tasty little article about CurbTxt, a new service based in Bernal Heights that provides a high-tech — and vastly more neighborly — alternative to leaving passive-aggressive notes on parked cars: Blaring car alarms, forgotten headlights, … Continue reading

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