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Star Sighting: Neighbor Markus, Fresh from the Set of “Good Morning America”

Yesterday I walked into Harvest Hills Market  to buy some raspberries, and who did I see? Neighbor Markus! Of course, he’s Neighbor Markus to us. But to the rest of the world, he’s Markus Spiering, head of product at Flickr, … Continue reading

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Music Video from Thao Nguyen Connects Bernal to Brooklyn

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s candid discussion about the impact of gentrification in Bernal Heights, here’s an item that’s both appropriately inappropriate and inappropriately appropriate. Songwriter Thao Nguyen is currently enjoying some much-deserved success in the indie scene. She doesn’t live … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Star Sighting! President Barack Obama Over Bernal Heights

The skies over Bernal Heights may have played host to another glamorous visitor today: President Barack Obama! POTUS is in town for a series of fundraisers, and this morning Anthony Brown, Bernal’s celebrity penguinologist, looked up from his home to … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Bikini Jogger Sighting, Today on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Gary spotted Bernal’s mythical, magical, marvelous Bikini Jogger this morning: Sighted today on Bernal Hill at about 9:30 am…….is this the SAME jogger as last year? Apparently… yes!

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Michael Pollan *Hearts* Two Writers From Bernal Heights

Barnes and Noble recently asked celebrity food author Michael Pollan to list his five favorite books about food and nature. And wouldn’t you know it… two of Pollan’s five fave books were penned by writers from Bernal Heights: Nathanael Johnson … Continue reading

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Bernal Rockstar Matt Nathanson Releases New Song and Video

Matt Nathanson is a genuine rockstar, with seven studio albums, two live albums, and a few Top 100 singles marking his musical career. He also lives in Bernal Heights (and brags about it on his Twitter profile). This week Neighbor Matt released a … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Bernal Celebrity Chefs Spotted at Local Safeway

Celebrity Chefs in Bernal Heights: They’re just like us! Last night at our fashionable Taoist Safeway, Bernalwood had an up-close encounter with Bernal Neighbors Pam and Richard, the dynamic culinary duo behind CatHead’s BBQ on Folsom in SOMA. Still trying … Continue reading

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Sunday: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Will Hand Out Free Safety Whistles

Some neighborhoods are protected by the Guardian Angels; Bernal Heights has the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We’re lucky like that. On Sunday, February 3 from 1-2 pm, The Sisters will be on Cortland and Andover, handing out whistles and dispensing … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: David Byrne Visits Bernal Heights

Artist and musician David Byrne was in San Francisco this week to do a performance at the Orpheum on Monday and a talk with City Arts and Lectures on Tuesday night. So how did the clever and glamorous ex-Talking Head decide … Continue reading

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Hottest New Photographer in Bernal Heights Hasn’t Attended High School. Yet.

There’s a hot new photographer in Bernal Heights, and her career is just getting started. Neighbor Sarabeth Spector has been wowing me for months with her terrific photos of urban landscapes and the intimate details of everyday objects. Others have … Continue reading

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We Knew Them When: Ichi Sushi Makes Zagat’s 2013 Top 20

Well, what do you know? Zagat just released its 2013 San Francisco Bay Area restaurant guide, and our very own, very glamorous Ichi Sushi on Mission Street made the Top 20 list — right alongside such boldface names as Gary … Continue reading

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Memo to the Dude Who Drove This Old Jeep Up Cortland While Wearing a Leather Football Helmet

Does anyone know this guy? I spotted him cruising down Cortland on Saturday afternoon. If you know him, please pass along this message: “WELL DONE, SIR!” PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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Paulie’s Pickling Featured on Glamorous Foodie TV Show

Bernal’s finest artisanal pickle merchant is savoring a moment in the media spotlight. Neighbor Paul from the fabulous Paulie’s Pickling inside the 331 Cortland marketplace tells Bernalwood that his shop will be featured as part of Ryan Scott’s “Food Rush” show … Continue reading

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