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Sunday Morning: Renegade Bernal Heights Easter Egg Hunt

Shhhhhhh! There’s word on the street that the Easter Bunny may hide some eggs in Holly Park tomorrow morning: Bernal’s unofficial, unauthorized, unorganized, nondenominational EGGZELLENT Hide & Hunt in Holly Park WHEN: Date Sunday, April 20 9:00 for hiders. 10:00 for hunters. WHERE: North steps … Continue reading

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Sunday: Rock Your Face Off with Bernal Kids at the Rock Band Land Album Release Party

This is Neighbor Odin. He lives with his parents on Montcalm in Bernal Heights, and as you might have guessed from the photo, he ROCKS. Specifically, he rocks with Rock Band Land, a ridiculously awesome music education and storytelling program … Continue reading

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NPR Spotlights Science Education for Bernal Students

National media alert! On NPR’s Morning Edition this week, a group of students at Bernal’s Paul Revere School were the focus of a story by Eric Westervelt about Mission Science Workshop, an innovative program to make science education more unboring: … Continue reading

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What Happened to “Breakfast With Enzo?”

Breakfast with Enzo is a weekly show of children’s music and storytelling created and performed by Enzo Garcia. Held at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center for the last 11 years, Breakfast with Enzo was much-loved by local children… and their parents. … Continue reading

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Will Last Night’s Blackout Bequeath a Bernal Baby Boom?

Darkness fell on Eastern Precitaville last night, as a PG&E transformer bit the dust near the intersection of Alabama and Precita, causing a prolonged blackout. The Bernalwood Action News Satellite Uplink Miata rushed to the scene to investigate, where a … Continue reading

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Sunday: Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos Celebration at J. Serra Elementary School

Neighbor Kristen invites you and your junior zombies to the Halloween festivities taking place on Sunday at J. Serra Elementary: J. Serra Elementary at 625 Holly Park Circle will be having its annual Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos celebration from noon … Continue reading

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Beloved Precita Playground Satellite Spinner Back in Action After Emergency Gyro-Stabilization Repairs

Astute observers and nearly all north slope children have long grumbled about the failing condition of Precita Playground’s much-loved (but very old) penultimate satellite spinner. Fortunately, an emergency effort was undertaken to repair the satellite spinner and return it to … Continue reading

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