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Outline of New Bernal Library Mural Now in Place

Some will cheer, and some will jeer, but destiny will run its course regardless; now, as planned, the beginnings of the new Bernal Heights Library mural are in place on the building’s Cortland facade. Here’s where it will ultimately end … Continue reading

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Confirmed: The Stray Bar Is For Sale, Announces Plan to Close in January

There’s been a lot of buzz around Bernalwood concerning this real estate listing, and now Miss Karen from the beloved and canine-friendly Stray Bar on Cortland has posted an announcement to explain what’s going on: To our Friends, Customers & … Continue reading

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Thursday: Celebrate the Season During the 2012 Cortland Holiday Stroll

In Bernal Heights, the legend is handed down from generation to generation: Once upon a time, a proud race of druids lived in the Dominion of Bernalwood. Each year during late autumn, our ancient Bernal ancestors would gather on the … Continue reading

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Red Hill Bookstore Will Close (But Won’t Go Away)

One of the greatest charms of Cortland Avenue is the way Bernal’s commercial district feels adrift in time — a 1940s vision of Main Street USA, but with much better food and electric bicycles. There’s definitely some truth to that … Continue reading

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Grand Opening for the New, Expanded Succulence, Saturday

Four Star Video has gone to the great disc-return slot in the sky, but shop owners Amy and Ken are having a grand opening for their new, expanded Succulence store tomorrow, November 17. Amy brings the details: We’ve been working … Continue reading

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Bernal Library Reveals Unadorned Facade During Mural-Free Interlude

If you’re one of those people who spent the last decade or two wondering what the Bernal Height library would look like if it didn’t have a mural painted on its facade, you’re now in luck. The old mural was … Continue reading

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Halloween on Cortland for Your Little Monsters Starts at 4pm

Late notice on this (not my fault!), but the Bernal Business Alliance will host their annual Halloween Stroll on Cortland this evening. It’s intended to be kid-friendly, so bring your little monsters to see and be seen — and scoop … Continue reading

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Today! Free Pumpkin Carving at The New Wheel

The newfangled New Wheel bicycle shop is having a free pumpkin carving this afternoon, and you’re invited. Miss Karen from New Wheel says: We are having a fabulous pumpkin carving event at The New Wheel on Monday from 4-8 pm. Carving … Continue reading

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Glamorous Scenes from Fiesta on the Hill 2012

The only thing more joyful than a night spent celebrating the Giants’ epic victory over the St. Louis Cardinals to take the NLCS is a morning spent perusing photos taken during the epic 2012 Fiesta on the Hill last weekend. … Continue reading

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After Giants Win, a Gangnam Style Air Raid Celebration on Cortland

Wooooooo! Wow! The Giants are headed to the World Series. Again. Woooooooooo! I was at Wild Side West on Cortland when the final out clinched the Giants’ victory in Game 7 of the NLCS, and the scene was rather wonderful. Immediately … Continue reading

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Eji’s Ethiopian Has Tasty Opening in 331 Cortland Marketplace

There was a small party at 331 Cortland on Friday night to celebrate the glamorous grand opening of the Eji’s Ethiopian kiosk. Amid much rejoicing and poured cups of Ethiopian honey-wine, Miss Eji was on hand to hand out samples … Continue reading

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BYO-Bagism Up in Bernal Heights, Plus: Get a Free Canvas Tote This Weekend

It’s been three weeks since the city instituted its 10-cent minimum charge for compostable, recycled paper, or reusable sacks at the checkout counter, and so far the policy seems to be an easy pill for Bernal Heights to swallow. (No big … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!! It’s Fiesta on the Hill 2012!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… it’s that magical time of year again. That’s right, Fiesta on the Hill 2012 is coming to Cortland this Sunday! Bernal’s very own Main Street USA will be closed to traffic, pedestrians will roam … Continue reading

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