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SFPD Community Meeting: Alejandro Nieto’s Taser Looked Like a Handgun

During tonight’s tense community meeting at Leonard Flynn Elementary School, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr released new details about Friday night’s officer-involved shooting death of Bernal Neighbor Alejandro Nieto. Here’s the coverage from the Examiner: Alejandro Nieto was shot and … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Man Killed During SFPD Confrontation on Bernal Hill Identified; Community Meeting Announced

The man killed on Bernal Hill during a confrontation with the SFPD on Friday has been identified as Alejandro Nieto, 28, of San Francisco. Vivian Ho at the SF Chronicle reports: Police officials said the officers were investigating reports of a … Continue reading

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Package Thief Busted in Bernal Heights

Neighbor Robb writes from the scene of the crime: We were out of town this past weekend and my brother in law came over to feed the cat. Our previously un-met neighbor Jose told him that SFPD had just arrested … Continue reading

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Security Alert: Door-to-Door “Magazine Salesmen” Probably Not Selling Magazines

Bernal residents are advised to be aware of rogue “magazine salesmen” currently operating in the neighborhood. This week, a rather impressive number of Bernal residents have reported groups of men knocking on doors, seeking to sell magazine subscriptions. When residents … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: How You Can Identify Potential Crime Hotspots in Bernal Heights

Neighbor Sarah, your intrepid neighborhood crime reporter and SFPD liaison, needs your assistance. She’d like you to complete a survey that will help identify crime troublespots around Bernal Heights: The Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center periodically collects a list of the … Continue reading

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Your Bernal Heights Crime Report for January 2014: Yearly Crime Trends, Traffic Tickets, and It’s Still Robbery Season

Neighbor Sarah, your invaluable volunteer Bernal Heights crime reporter, attended the SFPD Ingleside Community meeting on January 21, and she filed these  summary notes on the latest Bernal Heights crime trends. (Many many many thanks, Sarah!!) Read on, read carefully, and … Continue reading

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SFPD Manhunt on Precita Startles Neighbors, Finds Criminals and Guns. Two Escape.

There was some craziness in northeast Bernal Heights on Saturday night. Perhaps you saw it on the Twitter. Perhaps you heard the heat-seeking CHP helicopter hovering overhead. Perhaps you listened to it on ScanSF. Or perhaps you had had several … Continue reading

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Crime Alert: Spike in Muggings and Burglaries Prompts Personal Safety Reminder

Apparently, it’s crime season. In recent days, Bernalwood has received an unusually large number of emails from Bernal neighbors sharing reports about incidents of gunfire, burglary, and robbery. Here’s the most recent one, received yesterday: One of my neighbors left … Continue reading

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Your Bernal Heights Crime Report for December 2013: Alemany Homicide Update and Burglary Is the New Drug Dealing

Neighbor Sarah, your vigilant volunteer Bernal Heights crime reporter, attended the SFPD Ingleside Community meeting just before the Xmas/New Year break, and she filed these summary notes on current Bernal Heights crime trends. Before we jump into that, however, there’s … Continue reading

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UPDATED: One Dead, Second Critical, After Saturday Shooting at Alemany Projects

For the second time this year, there has been a fatal shooting at the Alemany public housing in south Bernal. John King from the SF Chronicle tells it: A 16-year-old boy died Saturday night in a shooting near the Alemany … Continue reading

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Do You Recognize the Burglar in This Home Security Video?

Neighbor Daniel shared these security camera stills that show a burglar in the process of trying to rob his home on Holladay: I wanted our community to be aware of a home burglar. These photos were captured at 3:47 am … Continue reading

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Beware of Parcel Grinches Who Steal Christmas Cheer

Fa-la-la-la-la / la-la-la-la, and ho-ho-ho, and keep an eye on any packages you get delivered to your home in the weeks ahead, because the holidays are prime hunting season for parcel thieves. Neighbor Chris shares this story from last weekend: … Continue reading

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A Sad, Sudden Farewell to the Deli Pub on Cortland

Your Bernalwood editor recently received some troubling reports that the venerable and much-loved Deli Pub sandwich shop on Cortland at Bocana had closed down. We heard rumors of a violent robbery at the Deli Pub, but our sources on Cortland were … Continue reading

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