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Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians

Last weekend I found a must-have accessory for high-powered Bernal Heights executives who travel regularly for business. I got it at “Cries of San Francisco,” a pop-up event in Mint Plaza downtown that was organized by the artsy folk at … Continue reading

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There Is a Glamorous New Mini-Park on Bernal Hill

Contrary to the way it may appear, that spiffy area of freshly landscaped land on the northeast corner of Bernal Hill (on Bernal Heights Boulevard between Carver and Bradford) is NOT part of the new house that sits right behind … Continue reading

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Campos Reveals Details of Plan to Save Bernal’s Coca-Cola Mural AND Historic Signs Throughout San Francisco

Supervisor David Campos’s office called today to share some very good news: Campos plans to introduce new legislation that will amend the City’s planning code to create a straightforward mechanism for preserving the historic-but-endangered Coca-Cola mural in Bernal Heights — … Continue reading

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How to Accessorize Your Topiary in the Bernal Heights Style

A broken coffee cup, a ceramic figurine, and a shrunken dolly-head. There’s something so quintessentially Bernal about this odd collection of ornaments that decorates a tree in front of a home on the western end of Precita Avenue. Photo: Telstar … Continue reading

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Supervisor David Campos Unsure If Historic Mural is Worth Saving

First, the good news: The effort to save Bernal’s historic Coca-Cola mural is gaining widespread media attention, spreading from this blog, to the SF Examiner, to the San Francisco Chronicle. Now the bad news: Supervisor David Campos is apparently unsure if … Continue reading

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It’s Really Old, Really: Evidence Proves Historic Provenance of Threatened Coca-Cola Mural

So the deadline is fast approaching in the matter of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Historic Coke Mural Beloved by The Neighbors of Bernalwood. As you may recall, after a whinging NIMBY complained to the City about the presence of the vintage Coca-Cola … Continue reading

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Style Network Uses Stylish Bernalwood Home As Location for Stylish TV Show

Reader Molli Amara submitted some news via the Bernalwood hotline about a camera crew from the Style Network that’s shooting an episode of a TV show in our stylish neighborhood. (Luckily, no one told them about our unstylish dirt-fountain. Shhhhh!) … Continue reading

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Nameless NIMBY Gets Bullheaded Bureaucrats to Outlaw Historic Coca-Cola Sign

This is an unfortunate story about a neighborhood landmark, the NIMBY menace, City bureaucracy, and a call to action for Bernal Heights history geeks. More or less in that order. Follow along… Decades ago, the building at 601 Tompkins Avenue, … Continue reading

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The Tao of Safeway

Let the record show that as much as I love our local mom-and-pop markets, I am also a fan of our local Safeway on Mission Street. The prices are reasonable and the selection is good, yet the store itself is … Continue reading

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Our Secret Sign: The Bernal Family’s Cattle Brand

No, this isn’t Prince’s latest unpronounceable name-glyph. Instead, according our fellow history geeks at The Bernal History Project, this symbol was the cattle brand used by the Bernal family to mark their livestock in the days when José Cornelio Bernal ruled … Continue reading

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A Bernal Heights T-Shirt for Fans of Sutro Tower

Amos Goldbaum has made a new t-shirt (or hoodie, or baby onesie) that shows a view of Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks as seen from Bernal Hill.

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Excellent Art and Seasonal Cheer at Secession Friday Night

I’ve become a big big fan of Secession Art and Design on Mission Street — so much so that I’ve spent a small pile of money there during the last few years. Others have taken notice too: The commie pinkos … Continue reading

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Apartment Therapy *Hearts* This Bernalwood Home

As if we needed any further validation of Bernalwood’s glam and panache, two of our own have a newly published House Tour that’s now up on the decor-obsessed website Apartment Therapy: Name: Laura and Zev Location: Bernal Heights — San … Continue reading

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