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You’ll Be Shocked — Shocked! — by KRON4′s Investigation of Precita Park

KRON-4 reporter Stanley Roberts investigated Precita Park in Bernal Heights recently. His reporting yielded conclusive proof that there are many off-leash dogs in Precita Park (despite what the sign says), and that visitors to Precita Park should watch out for poop. Journalism! … Continue reading

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Good Samaritans Seek Owner of Doggie Found in Precita Park

Neighbor Rebekah is searching for the owner of this wayward doggie: On the full-moon evening of Friday the 13th, a dog was found roaming Precita Park. She looks like a Manchester Terrier or Min-Pin and appears to be about 9-18 … Continue reading

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Reminder: Keep Your Dog Safe In Seasonal Tall Grasses

Earlier this week, Miss Esther shared a photo of her dog Gertie whooping it up on the seasonally tall grass on Bernal Hill. “Gertie loves being in the tall grass!” she said. At this, you Bernalwood editor experienced a sudden … Continue reading

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Dog Poop Along St. Anthony’s Sidewalks Creates Unholy Mess

  Our venerable neighbors at St. Anthony’s Immaculate Conceptions School near Precita Park have recently done a lot to beautify the sidewalk gardens along Precita and Folsom, with much of the work performed by students who attend the school. The … Continue reading

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Small Dog on Bernal Hill Ponders Sublime Secrets of the Universe

Thanks to Brian Christensen for sharing this awesome Bernal Hill labyrinth photo in the Bernalwood Flickr group. Clearly, someone needs to get this doggie a drone!  

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Lost Dog Makes Neighbor Julie Grateful to Be in Bernal

Neighbor Julie had a tough day on Thursday, but her story has a sweet ending: I was walking with my little dog, Sherman F. Peabody, around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on Bernal Hill. Sherman usually sticks right with me, but he … Continue reading

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Attention Dog-Owners: How to Protect Your Pet from Foxtails

Neighbor Nicolette Zarday is a Bernal west-sider and a veterinarian whose name is often followed by the letters DVM and MPH. (She practices at the Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos.) She brings a special caution for Bernal canines, and the … Continue reading

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Handy Ball Exchange Brings Slobber-Covered Joy to Bernal Heights Canines

For humans who need a solution for mismatched footwear, the Bernal Bubbles laundromat on Cortland hosts the ever-so useful Bernal Heights Sock Exchange. Now Neighbor Jonathon and Canine Jolene bring word that a similar program has been established for Bernal … Continue reading

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Your Illustrated Fashion Guide for Spring 2013 Dog-Walking on Bernal Hill

What are the “It Looks” to have while walking your dog in Bernal Heights this season? Neighborhood artist Laurie Wigham created this handy illustrated field guide to show what’s hot in canine-accompanied hill fashion for Spring 2013: People walking their … Continue reading

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Harried Pet Owner Cleans Dirty Dog At New “Precita Bark” Dog Spa

Precita Bark, the new dog groomery on the eastern end of Precita Park (across from the playground) is now open for business. Neighbor Regina stopped in recently to get a treatment for her dog Rover, and she filed this report: … Continue reading

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Absurdly Cute Bernal Doggie Preps for NFL Playoffs

The Niners are in the playoffs! Yaaay, sports! The action starts next weekend, but this little fella can hardly wait for the postseason. PHOTO: Dunupboutique

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Bernal Heights Canines Celebrate Beginning of Hanukkah

The photo is completely awesome and speaks for itself… in perfect Hebrew. The dogs are Dolly, Cash, Elvis, and Lev. Mazel tov, Neighbor Joshua, for raising such a nice Jewish family. PHOTO: Neighbor Joshua

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New DIY Dog Wash Opening on Precita Park

Thrilling news for dirty dogs — and the humans who love them anyway: Neighbor Gina reports from the east end of Precita Park, where a new dog washing business called (… wait for it…) Precita Bark is preparing to open: Across … Continue reading

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