Hard Hat Chic: Groundbreaking Begins New St. Luke’s Hospital Construction Effort




There was a fashionable groundbreaking ceremony last Friday to mark the (long-debated) start of construction of the new California Pacific Medical Center facility on the grounds of  St. Luke’s Hospital at Cesar Chavez near Valencia — Bernal’s home-team hospital.

The San Francisco Appeal covered the event:

The new state-of-the-art hospital will be constructed adjacent to the old hospital on San Jose Avenue just south of Cesar Chavez Street, CPMC spokesman Dean Frye said.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee attended [Friday's] groundbreaking ceremony and dug out a symbolic shovel full of dirt. He said via Twitter that the project will provide a “new seismically safe hospital and year-round jobs for #SF residents.”

CPMC chief executive officer Warren Browner joined the mayor and members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to celebrate construction of the new St. Luke’s campus, which will begin in October, Frye said.

The new hospital comes after years of negotiations, including a 2012 development agreement that was shelved by members of the city’s Board of Supervisors, in part because of concerns over an escape clause that could have let CPMC close St. Luke’s hospital if its operating margin stayed negative for two straight years.

The new deal hashed out in 2013 omitted the escape clause, required that at least 30 percent of construction jobs go to San Francisco residents, and included higher contributions by the hospital group to the city for charity care.

The new St. Luke’s facility is scheduled to open in 2019, at which point the existing hospital building will be demolished. No major disruption in hospital services is anticipated along the way.

History buffs will note that St. Luke’s was also the site of the original Jose Cornelio Bernal homestead (which sat on the north side of present-day Duncan),  so it’s good to see a new chapter beginning, at last, on this hallowed patch of Bernal Heights ground.

IMAGES: Top: Mayor Ed Lee at St. Luke’s groundbreaking, via @mayoredlee. Rendering of new St. Luke’s Hospital, via CPMC. Jose Bernal house map via Burrito Justice.

Sexy Bernal Sweatshirt Hoodies For Sale to Support Final Phase of Library Art Project




The Bernal Library Art Project is entering its final phase.

After all the controversy, and the delicate mediation, and the hard-earned consensus, and the installation of new artwork on the library’s Cortland and Moultrie facades, work is now underway to complete the art on the rear, playground-facing side of the library. Scaffolding is up, and artist Johanna Poethig is working on her clever tile mosaic/mural, which incorporates vintage photographs shared by Bernal neighbors. (You can see some in-progress snaps above.)

All that remains is just a little more fundraising. And for that, the esteemed Bernalese who have spearheaded the Library Art Project invite you to purchase one of their rather fashionable sweatshirt hoodies, each of which includes a cameo by Bernal’s own celebrity icon, Sutrito Tower:


Here’s the pitch from the Library Art Project team:

Phase 2 of the Bernal Library Art Project is scheduled for completion this fall. Scaffolding is up on the back of the library to paint and prepare the wall for installation of the amazing glass and ceramic tile mural that Johanna Poethig has designed for this space.

So, even though the mural is going up, the funding is not complete. Our current, and perhaps final, fund raising effort is this terrific Bernal Heights sweatshirt hoodie. Please note:

  • The copyrighted image by Reuben Rude will not be duplicated in the future!
  • Supplies are limited!
  • They are available in sizes from XL to XS.
  • Hoodies are for purchase at Heartfelt for $45
  • All proceeds above cost support Phase 2 of the Bernal Lilbrary Art Project.

Although lightweight, it’s warm and super comfy and looks really cool. Don’t wait or you may miss the opportunity to own this Bernal Heights collectible!

PHOTOS: via the Bernal Library Art Project Facebook page.

Thursday: New Attractions, New Restaurants at the 2014 Cortland Summer Stroll and Art Walk



Continuing a tradition that dates back many thousands of years, to the Age of the Ancient Bernal Druids, the 2014 Summer Stroll happens on Cortland Avenue tomorrow, Thursday, June 19. Solstice-style.

Sponsored by your local merchants from the Bernal Business Alliance, this year’s stroll features some sexy highlights:

  • Lots of open doors, live music, snacky snacks, and spiked drinks for grownups from your favorite Cortland shops and restaurants. Miss Darcy from Heartfelt promises home-baked cookies! (Not the funny kind.)
  • A rather cosmopolitan Art Walk, with local artists displaying their work along Cortland!
  • A trusted source tells Bernalwood the new Red Hill Station restaurant will soft-open on the night of the Stroll, serving oysters, wine, and beer. (The full opening happens on Friday, 6/20; preview pictures here). Congrats, Neighbors Amy and Taylor!
  • Also, after its brief transformation, the former Liberty Cafe will reopen in time for the stroll. Now renamed Bernal Star, the new motto is “Brunch. Burgers. Brews.” Drama!
  • Miss Karen from The New Wheel adds, “We have new t-shirts! They were designed by Jennifer Keith on the North Side, printed by Pelican Print Shop down on Bayshore, and will be available in adult and kids sizes (medium and large) tomorrow near the library for just $10! I’ve attached a photo of the fabulous ladies of Heartfelt showcasing the look!” (Shown above)

That’s the executive summary; here’s the official 411 about what else you should look for at the 2014 Cortland Summer Stroll:

The Bernal Business Alliance cordially invites you to the 4th Annual Summer Stroll. Join friends, neighbors and local businesses, for a fun and festive evening all along Cortland Ave. Enjoy a variety of special treats offered by local merchants and restaurants, including live music, food and drink. This year’s stroll introduces a neighborhood Art Walk. Businesses along the Cortland corridor will be hosting the work of local Bernal Heights artists. So grab your friends and family and take a stroll down Cortland Ave. It’s sure to be a grand time for all!

Special thanks to the following local businesses for sponsoring this event: The Good Life Grocery, Bernal Hill Reality, Little Bee Baking, Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, Inclusions Gallery, The Lucky Horseshoe, Heartfelt, Holy Water, Integral Body, The Liberty Cafe, The New Wheel, Bernal Beast, State Farm Insurance, Succulence, Fit Bernal Fit, Vega, Chamalyn Teas & Honey, Vinorosso Enoteca, Chef Stephanie, Netpop, Kingmond Young framing & photography, Climb Real Estate, Unlimited Hair Care, Chloe’s Closet, Bernal Business Alliance, Andi’s Market, The Wild Side West, Bernal Bucks, Moki’s Sushi and Pacific Grill

Style Blog Declares Bernal Heights Increasingly Stylish



Watch out all you Mission cool kids; Bernal Heights is on the scene. We may be aging up here on the hill, but hey, we’ve still got it!

Yesterday Refinery 29 made it so official:

For those who think the Mission is where it’s at these days, we’re here to put you in check. We’d be lying if we said Bernal Heights is an on-the-rise ‘hood, because the truth is, it’s already at the top. To prove that it’s the happening place to be, we’ve created this definitive short list of must-visit spots.

You might want to clear out that iCal, because we’re unloading a whopping 22 spots to set your sights on, pronto! Whether you’re in the mood for a brand-spankin’-new pizzeria or a jaw-dropping view of the city, it’s time to show Bernal some much-deserved love. Put on your exploring gear and make your way over.

I know, right? Refinery 29 has a photo guide for their Bernal to-do list, for your clicky clicky.

IMAGES: Refinery 29

Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

bernalbikini This morning brings a fleeting glimpse of Bernal’s fast-moving Bikini Jogger. Neighbor Jonathan logged it:

Bernal bikini jogger sighting – 1/28, morning.

While starting my car I noticed a yellow blur in the rear view. Puzzlement soon turned to excitement, realizing I was witnessing a mythical Bernal celeb – the bikini jogger. By the time I came to my senses to record the event, she slipped back into the Bernal foliage and quickly out of sight.

Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times


Stars collide, galaxies collapse, websites fall over, and the macroeconomic forces of global capitalism grind inexorably onward. Yet all is well in Bernal Heights, because there’s been a sighting of the legendary Bikini Jogger.

A Bernal neighbor shared this snap of the Bikini Jogger on the move yesterday near the Folsom gate on Bernal Hill. With it, we can all rest assured that at least our corner of the universe remains enlivened and perplexed.

Previous Bikini Jogger coverage on Bernalwood

Bernal-Born Artist Creates Stylish Bernal Hill T-Shirt


Fashion Alert!

Bernalwood is a big fan of Amos Goldbaum’s wearable views of San Francisco. Plus, our sources tell us that he actually grew up in Bernal Heights (Fair Ave.) and that he still lives here (on Precita).

All that may help explain why Goldbaum created a brand-new design that depicts Bernal Hill. Amos tells Bernalwood:

I’ve wanted to do a Bernal shirt for a while, but couldn’t find the right angle. Finally I found an awesome view that showed the contour of the hill as well as the complexity of the streets traversing it. I wanted to include the Doggie Diner that used to be on Mission and (then) Army but the only picture I could find was the wrong angle. In the end, I drew the Doggie Diner head as a sort of apparition, just hanging out on Mission St.

Check out the detail:


Be the first on your block to get one, right here.

IMAGES: Amos Goldbaum Hat Tip: Neighbor David