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Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

This morning brings a fleeting glimpse of Bernal’s fast-moving Bikini Jogger. Neighbor Jonathan logged it: Bernal bikini jogger sighting – 1/28, morning. While starting my car I noticed a yellow blur in the rear view. Puzzlement soon turned to excitement, … Continue reading

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Okay Ladies, Let’s Bernalcize!!!

I found this photo on the Instagram yesterday, and it came with some handy workout advice: Try this pilates mat flow this morning to build heat and strength in your center. Top photo: – Begin in Upstretch treading through your … Continue reading

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Xtreme Unicyclist Shreds Gnarly Steeps of Bernal Hill

I noticed him last weekend as I approached Bernal Hill from the southern entrance; he was silhouetted against Sutro Tower and the setting sun. He was standing on the rim of the old gravel pit the Bernal snowboarders call Rock … Continue reading

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Bikini Jogger Burns it Up on Bernal Hill

Another sighting! When: Yesterday Where: Bernal Heights Boulevard Wearing: Bikini, with optional wrap. (Brrrrrr!) Photographer: Chris Waldron (Tx @valjoy9!)

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Bernal Bikini Jogger Immortalized in Street Stencils

Our beloved Bikini Jogger enjoys a legendary reputation, and now her aura shines even brighter, thanks to some street art stencils that pay homage to her famous fitness technique. Bluepearlgirl spotted the stencils around Bernalwood: So this had me in stitches!  I … Continue reading

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Lone Runner Organizes, Wins the Inaugural Bernal Hill Marathon

Dick Draxler is a 62 year-old Bernal Heights resident who likes to run long distances. Before this weekend, he’d completed 27 marathons. On Sunday, he notched number 28. He did that becoming both the organizer of and lone participant in … Continue reading

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