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Paradigm-Shifting Food Alert: 903 Cortland Makes Very Good Ramen!!

Here in Bernal Heights, history and geography have combined to make our neighborhood proudly self-sufficient. We brew our own beer, distill our own bourbon, can our own pickles, write our own books, code our own apps, and conduct our own … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Foodie News: Suite Foods Waffle Shop, The Palace [Steak House], and Angkor Borei

There’s lots of innnnnteresting news to share about our glamorous Bernal Heights food scene, so let’s just dive right in… Suite Foods Waffle Shop Yes, the moment you’ve been waiting your entire life for is finally here. The Suite Foods Waffle … Continue reading

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New “Virgil’s Sea Room” to Open in Former Naps III Bar on Mission Street

Friends and neighbors, we may be at a tipping point. The density of fine drinking establishments along Mission Street between 29th and Precita has reached such critical mass that we may have a full-fledged Cocktail Zone on our hands. Or … Continue reading

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Palace Steak House Will Rise From the Dead… Again!

Let’s not be ashamed to say it: Despite our great hopes, the first attempt to revive the legendary Palace Steak House on the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez turned out to be a big disappointment. But on the bright … Continue reading

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Tomorrow: Cocktail Up During the Rock Bar’s One-Year Anniversary Party

A single year is tiny compared to the sweeping backdrop of geological history. Yet for the cocktailicious Rock Bar on 29th and Tiffany in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone, one year has been a lifetime. Rock Bar manager Brion invites one … Continue reading

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Friday Night: Raise a Glass with Karen at the Stray Bar’s Glorious Goodbye Party

We’ve had a few weeks now to absorb the news. We have worked our way through the Kübler-Ross Five Stages of Grief. It has not been easy. It has not been pleasant. Yet after much arduous struggle and introspection, we … Continue reading

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Bernal’s Very Own Bourbon: The Making of “Mrs. Brickley’s 1877-Style Old Cherubusco”

While some residents of Bernalwood find joy in brewing their own beer, others prefer the hard stuff. Neighbor Boris falls into the latter camp, as he has been making his own bourbon in his Bernal Heights home: I built a … Continue reading

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Restaurant Critic Michael Bauer Dines at Hillside Supper Club and Stars Are Issued

San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer came to Bernal Heights to sample the fare at the new, permanent, and already popular Hillside Supper Club. The Bauer explored the menu. The Bauer ate. The Bauer observed. And in the end, The Bauer awarded Hillside … Continue reading

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Paulie’s Pickling Prevails in Picky Pickle Smackdown

By day, I work in an office where I sit across from a gentleman named Boris. Boris was born in Russia, and though he emigrated to the US as a teenager, he retains his Eastern European palate. I was born … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Bernal Celebrity Chefs Spotted at Local Safeway

Celebrity Chefs in Bernal Heights: They’re just like us! Last night at our fashionable Taoist Safeway, Bernalwood had an up-close encounter with Bernal Neighbors Pam and Richard, the dynamic culinary duo behind CatHead’s BBQ on Folsom in SOMA. Still trying … Continue reading

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Bernal Bräu: How the Thomas Brothers Make a Damn Good Beer in Bernal Heights

My brother and I brew beer in Bernal Heights. We do this to carry on the proud Bernal tradition of the North Star Brewery, which operated a century ago on Army Street near today’s South Van Ness. Also, we like … Continue reading

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Celebrate (and Eat) at Cat Head’s BBQ’s First Anniversary Party

Bernalwood believes it’s important to support our Bernal merchants — even when Bernal merchants aren’t in Bernal Heights. For example, did you know that CatHead’s BBQ on Folsom Street (at Division) in SoMa is Bernal-owned and operated? So. Way. True. … Continue reading

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Hillside Supper Club Now Open for Dinner — Permanent Style

It’s taken a long time and an insane amount of hard work to get to this place, but last night Bernal’s own Hillside Supper Club opened for business in its new, permanent, non-pop-up incarnation at the southwest corner of Precita … Continue reading

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