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UPDATED: Handbill Announces Curious Cat Has Been Shipped Off to Animal Control

This is the kind of thing that almost makes you grateful for passive-aggressive parking notes. Almost. Because rather than just complaining about an awkwardly parked car, this note explains that an awkwardly curious cat was unceremoniously shipped off to Animal Control. Neigbor … Continue reading

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Security Camera Captures Cranky Person Leaving Cranky Parking Notes on Elsie

A neighbor on Elsie was bemused to find this cranky parking note placed under the windshield wipers of many cars on the street.: This was placed on many cars on the block, most of which DO belong to people on … Continue reading

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Cool Old Sign on Cortland Is Actually New, But Still Way Cool

On a recent evening, your Bernalwood editor was strolling in downtown Cortlandia, near the glamorous northeast corner of Cortland and Ellsworth. I looked up as I passed the corner store, and noticed a rather beautiful, retrolicious neon sign that  declared “Pay Little.” “Words to … Continue reading

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Good Samaritans Seek Owner of Doggie Found in Precita Park

Neighbor Rebekah is searching for the owner of this wayward doggie: On the full-moon evening of Friday the 13th, a dog was found roaming Precita Park. She looks like a Manchester Terrier or Min-Pin and appears to be about 9-18 … Continue reading

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Birth Control Proposed as Long-Term Remedy for Problematic Parking on Bocana

Neighbor Esther recently found this note from the “Bocana Parking Psycho” (her phrase) plastered to the window of a parked car taking up two (2) precious street spaces: Spotted on tonight’s dog walk. That’s a condom packet taped to the upper left. PHOTO: … Continue reading

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Bizarre Concrete Creatures Emerge from Cortland Sidewalks

Neighbor Ned observed a bizarre invasion by concrete-based life forms on Cortland: They’re bubbling up out of the sidewalk! Just noticed this cute 3D sidewalk graffiti while walking Cortland yesterday… Keep your eyes peeled & watch your step! Here are … Continue reading

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Godzilla Invades Bernal Heights (Again)

Over the weekend, Burrito Justice, chief spokesblogger for the La Lenguan separatists, noted the recent arrival of a billboard for the new Godzilla film on Mission Street just north of Precita. “OMG Godzilla attacking!” he declared: This is not the first … Continue reading

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