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Security Camera Captures Cranky Person Leaving Cranky Parking Notes on Elsie

A neighbor on Elsie was bemused to find this cranky parking note placed under the windshield wipers of many cars on the street.: This was placed on many cars on the block, most of which DO belong to people on … Continue reading

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Cool Old Sign on Cortland Is Actually New, But Still Way Cool

On a recent evening, your Bernalwood editor was strolling in downtown Cortlandia, near the glamorous northeast corner of Cortland and Ellsworth. I looked up as I passed the corner store, and noticed a rather beautiful, retrolicious neon sign that  declared “Pay Little.” “Words to … Continue reading

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Good Samaritans Seek Owner of Doggie Found in Precita Park

Neighbor Rebekah is searching for the owner of this wayward doggie: On the full-moon evening of Friday the 13th, a dog was found roaming Precita Park. She looks like a Manchester Terrier or Min-Pin and appears to be about 9-18 … Continue reading

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Birth Control Proposed as Long-Term Remedy for Problematic Parking on Bocana

Neighbor Esther recently found this note from the “Bocana Parking Psycho” (her phrase) plastered to the window of a parked car taking up two (2) precious street spaces: Spotted on tonight’s dog walk. That’s a condom packet taped to the upper left. PHOTO: … Continue reading

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Bizarre Concrete Creatures Emerge from Cortland Sidewalks

Neighbor Ned observed a bizarre invasion by concrete-based life forms on Cortland: They’re bubbling up out of the sidewalk! Just noticed this cute 3D sidewalk graffiti while walking Cortland yesterday… Keep your eyes peeled & watch your step! Here are … Continue reading

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Godzilla Invades Bernal Heights (Again)

Over the weekend, Burrito Justice, chief spokesblogger for the La Lenguan separatists, noted the recent arrival of a billboard for the new Godzilla film on Mission Street just north of Precita. “OMG Godzilla attacking!” he declared: This is not the first … Continue reading

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Inspiring Sidewalk Graffiti Asserts Bernal Heights Hegemony

Though at first blush it looks like the kind of thing that might have been created by the Bernal Heights Chapter of the Young Nietzscheans, this sidewalk aphorism photographed in Bernal by varsovienne is actually a quote from Marianne Williamson’s 1992 book A … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Leaves Chalk Art Outside Bernal Homes

The Easter Bunny left us a cool present on Sunday morning, sometime between the time when I grabbed the newspaper after waking up and when I walked outside a short while later to run an errand. The gift arrived in … Continue reading

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Elsie Street Library Opens Mysterious Main Branch

Neighbor Sharon found a secret public library tucked away along a leafy portion of Elsie Street north of Cortland. She has no idea how or when it got there: I’ve always thought of Bernal as “Brigadoon” — a small town atop … Continue reading

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All the Clichés About Bernal Heights Are All True

Bernal neighbor and celebrity writer Chris Colin shared this photo today, as captured on Cortland. He writes: Bernal Heights: just dogs and strollers. Obviously!

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Fresh Donuts Come to Bernal Heights (But Taste Kind of Rubbery)

Several readers have written to us recently about new tire-mark “donuts” that have appeared at intersections around Bernal Heights. Last week, your Bernalwood editor was awakened in the middle of the night by the squealing sound of automobile tires — … Continue reading

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Bizarre Tree Snake Stalks Pedestrians on Bennington

Neighbor Sharon reports that she was very nearly licked by a strange tree snake on Bennington near Cortland. Born of neckties, apparently, the creature appears freakish, but conspicuously friendly.

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Bernal Neighbors Receive “Parking Tickets of Love”

Via Neighbor Andy, we bring this cheerful news that the SFVDA — the San Francisco Valentine’s Day Agency — is currently ticketing vehicles in Bernal Heights with “Parking tickets of Love.” Awwwww.  Happy Valentines Day, Bernal Heights!

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