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Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

This morning brings a fleeting glimpse of Bernal’s fast-moving Bikini Jogger. Neighbor Jonathan logged it: Bernal bikini jogger sighting – 1/28, morning. While starting my car I noticed a yellow blur in the rear view. Puzzlement soon turned to excitement, … Continue reading

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Wine Cereal Now Half Price at Corner Liquor Store

Gentrification Alert! Gentrification Alert! This is how it happens: First comes the ridiculously delicious pizza, then, next thing you know, they’re selling breakfast fare for oenophiles at the liquor store just up the street. Neighbor David, who took this photo … Continue reading

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Yarn-Bombers Stage Daring Infiltration at Precita Playground

Happy New Year! We begin 2014 with news of a surprise direct-action by members of the knitting underground on two trees located at the eastern end of Precita Park, inside the beloved children’s playground. Analysts from the FBI and Knitting … Continue reading

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There Is a Real Snowman In Precita Park Right Now

Improbable Thing Alert!  Improbable Thing Alert! Neighbor Linda just filed this report from Precitaville: There’s a real snowman in Precita Park, Folsom side! … and indeed there is! Meanwhile, Linda reports that the old truck at Harvest Hills Market on … Continue reading

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Incredible!! Bernal’s Mutant “Mossquatch” Challenges Santa Claus Hegemony

Someone better call Fox News, because the “War on Christmas” has now become an insurgency. Bernalwood interrupts your holiday preparations to bring you this important accouncement: Mossquatch, the mutant Bryophyta-Homo Sapien hybrid who lives inside a meter-reading hole on the corner of … Continue reading

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Well, we thought nothing could possibly ever top a confirmed Bigfoot sighting in Bernal Heights, but we were so, so wrong… Last night I stepped outside my house for just a minute to grab some party-surplus holiday cookies from the … Continue reading

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Pro Tip: Creating Your Own DIY Standing Desk at a Neighborhood Cafe Is the Definition of Uncool

A Bernal neighbor snapped this rather unfortunate use of a DIY “standing desk” setup at Cafe 78 in La Lengua this afternoon. Pro Tip for all Digital Warriors: Putting a chair on top of a table is never okay. When … Continue reading

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Yarn-Bombed Doggie Heads Generate Bernal Wonder, Mystery

Last weekend, the Citizens of Bernalwood were aflutter about a most uncommon sight found in the upper reaches of Folsom on the north side of Bernal Hill: Three cartoon-mascot dog heads, yarn-bombed inside three colorful, hand-knit cozies. The spectacle was … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Barber Shop Opens in Undisclosed Bernal Heights Location

On a walk yesterday afternoon, I saw an unusual sight in a neighbor’s garage: Barbering. Complete with barber pole. Having just had my own hair cut on Saturday, I didn’t inquire about rates. But the convenience can’t be beat: just … Continue reading

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Seriously?! Bernal Child Baffled by Bumbling Sidewalk Blunder

Neighbor Rebecca shared this photo of her young son learning a formative lesson about civic incompetence and the perils of not giving a shit about how you get the job done. Neighbor Rebecca’s only comment about the experience came in … Continue reading

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Will Fairy Houses Fuel Next Bernal Heights Real Estate Boom?

Neighbor Tony spotted a rather attractive new subdivision nestled under a tree here in Bernal: This morning, I spotted a nice house for a fairy family and maybe an elder fairy parent on Bernal Hill next the road that goes … Continue reading

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Enraged Parking Note Becomes Threaded Argument as Bocana Street Neighbor Squares Off Against Wool Street Neighbor

It’s been a dramatic week for streetparking in Bernal Heights, but the drama isn’t finished yet. Over on Bocana, a parking note situation earlier in the week (d)evolved into a threaded blog-style argument between an angry Bernal neighbor and another … Continue reading

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Universe Provides Grateful Monument for Departing Yoga Teacher

Neighbor Matthew found this sweet little monument yesterday, high atop Bernal Hill on the west side. It says: Gules, my long lost sister! You are such a radiant little ball of energy. I felt that we already knew each other … Continue reading

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