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Pro Tip: Creating Your Own DIY Standing Desk at a Neighborhood Cafe Is the Definition of Uncool

A Bernal neighbor snapped this rather unfortunate use of a DIY “standing desk” setup at Cafe 78 in La Lengua this afternoon. Pro Tip for all Digital Warriors: Putting a chair on top of a table is never okay. When … Continue reading

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Yarn-Bombed Doggie Heads Generate Bernal Wonder, Mystery

Last weekend, the Citizens of Bernalwood were aflutter about a most uncommon sight found in the upper reaches of Folsom on the north side of Bernal Hill: Three cartoon-mascot dog heads, yarn-bombed inside three colorful, hand-knit cozies. The spectacle was … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Barber Shop Opens in Undisclosed Bernal Heights Location

On a walk yesterday afternoon, I saw an unusual sight in a neighbor’s garage: Barbering. Complete with barber pole. Having just had my own hair cut on Saturday, I didn’t inquire about rates. But the convenience can’t be beat: just … Continue reading

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Seriously?! Bernal Child Baffled by Bumbling Sidewalk Blunder

Neighbor Rebecca shared this photo of her young son learning a formative lesson about civic incompetence and the perils of not giving a shit about how you get the job done. Neighbor Rebecca’s only comment about the experience came in … Continue reading

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Will Fairy Houses Fuel Next Bernal Heights Real Estate Boom?

Neighbor Tony spotted a rather attractive new subdivision nestled under a tree here in Bernal: This morning, I spotted a nice house for a fairy family and maybe an elder fairy parent on Bernal Hill next the road that goes … Continue reading

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Enraged Parking Note Becomes Threaded Argument as Bocana Street Neighbor Squares Off Against Wool Street Neighbor

It’s been a dramatic week for streetparking in Bernal Heights, but the drama isn’t finished yet. Over on Bocana, a parking note situation earlier in the week (d)evolved into a threaded blog-style argument between an angry Bernal neighbor and another … Continue reading

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Universe Provides Grateful Monument for Departing Yoga Teacher

Neighbor Matthew found this sweet little monument yesterday, high atop Bernal Hill on the west side. It says: Gules, my long lost sister! You are such a radiant little ball of energy. I felt that we already knew each other … Continue reading

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Saturday: Use This High-Tech Treasure Map to Plunder the 2013 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale

Okay, Bernal Heights craphounds treasure-seekers! It’s time to stuff your wallet with small bills, fire up your UPS-surplus route optimization software package, and bookmark the map you see right here, because the 2013 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage sale happens tomorrow … Continue reading

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Movesoonthanks! Parked Motorcycle Tagged with Classic Parking Note

Neighbor Ron spotted this doozy of a parking note attached to a classic motorcycle on Eugenia and Wool this morning. Three observations about the note itself: 1) The idea of reporting motorcycles for 72 hour parking may be true to … Continue reading

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Creepy Dismembered Doll Dangles From Tree Near Coso

Neighbor Jason found a nightmare-inducing scene high in a tree on the north side: It appears Christmas and Halloween had a baby in July. Someone has gone to great lengths to decorate the large tree near Coso Gully with dismembered … Continue reading

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UPDATED: A Piano Sprouts on Bernal Hill, Seeking Pianists

The sudden onset of warm weather is having a strange effect on the Bernal Heights ecosystem. (Cue: Koyaanisqatsi) First we got a marmot, then there was a Bikini Jogger sighting, and now a piano has sprouted on Bernal Hill. Anyone … Continue reading

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These Bernal Heights Streets Are Barely Streets at All

Neighbor Craig has been admiring some of the feral streets of Bernal Heights; streets so small, or so wonky, or so disjointed that it’s dubious whether they deserve to be called streets at all. Take it away, Neighbor Craig: I’ve … Continue reading

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Mutant “Mossquatch” Evicted as Strange “Walroctopus” Redecorates Secret Lair on Bocana

There has been a change of occupancy in the secret lair on Bocana Street that was until recently home to Bernal’s favorite Bryophyta-Homo Sapien mutant crossbreed. Neighbor Allison reports: Thought some of your readers might be interested to know that the meter hole formerly … Continue reading

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