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Clever Map Reveals Geography of Bernal Heights Coffee Shops

Some clever data-visualization geeks at MIT have created a very cool new map that reveals the social geography of San Francisco coffee shops. A Bernalwood-enhanced look at our portion of the map reveals which parts of Bernal align most organically with each of our local coffee … Continue reading

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Your Official Guide to the Real Microhoods of Bernal Heights

Yesterday, realtor Eileen Bermingham posted an article about the geographic subregions that exist in Bernal Heights: Bernal Heights has many distinct areas within its neighborhood. From the hip enclave of Precita Park to the winding streets on the East Slope, … Continue reading

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Clever Infographic Shows Where Runners Run in Bernal Heights

The FlowingData website just posted a set of spiffy infographics that visualize where people go running in a variety of fabulous cities: A lot of people make their workouts public on a variety of services, so there’s definitely accessible data. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: New Merchant Association: “We Don’t Know What to Call It Yet, But It Will Certainly Not Be La Lengua”

Well, this is awkward. The initial seed of discontentment over the nomenclature used to describe the flat portion of the Dominion of Bernalwood along Mission Street has now become an outright counter-rebellion. MissionLocal reports that business-owners along Bernal’s Mission corridor … Continue reading

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Smile! Look Happy! Google Street View Car Surveys Bernal

Hopefully you brushed your sidewalks and flossed your expansion joints recently, because several neighbors spotted the Google Street View car in Bernal Heights over the weekend, presumably to update our visual data to reflect our look in late 2013. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Unbuilt Bernal Heights: Our Future That Never Was

The only thing Bernalwood loves more than a good local history lesson is a strong dose of local fantasy science-fiction. Luckily for us, some recent synchronicity has conspired to provide a tasty mixture of the two.  Here’s how it unfolds… Part One: … Continue reading

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Viva La Contra-Revolución! La Lengua Dissidents Dislike Funny Name, Seek to Rejoin Dominion of Bernalwood

Fellow Citizens of Bernalwood, this is a day we’ve long awaited. We have endured years of rebellious bluster and seditious propaganda seeking to undermine the integrity of the Bernal Heights motherland. Yet we now have indications that the La Lengua separatist … Continue reading

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Beautiful New Map Shows Bernal Heights, Even More So

Fast Company Design carries a story about a new map of San Francisco that  happens to include a particularly tasty representation of Bernal Heights: In San Francisco Contours, a topographical print by Abe Bingham … urbanity has been stripped away to highlight the hills of … Continue reading

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Census Visualization Reveals Racial Geography of Bernal Heights

Dustin Cable is senior policy researcher and statistician with the Demographics & Workforce Group at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. He recently completed a “Racial Dot Map” that uses data from the 2010 census to illustrate … Continue reading

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Ye Shall Walk These Bernal Streets, And Know They Are (Still) the Steepest

Waaaaaaay back in 2011, Bernalwood posted an item about an independent researcher who had concluded that, despite some “official” lists which claim that the steepest streets in San Francisco are in Nob Hill and Noe Valley, the actual data indicates … Continue reading

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Bernal Isle Resort: A Modest Proposal for the Future of Bernal Heights

This week, the New York Times reports that scientists believe global warming could cause up to three feet of sea-level rise by the year 2100. With sea levels rising, we must look forward… many, many, many years forward, to envision … Continue reading

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Is This the Bernal Heights of Tokyo?

Nate Hill is traveling in Japan, where he says he has stumbled upon a Bernal-like neighborhood just south of Tokyo, near the Kikuna train station: I’m a confessed Tokyophile, but I don’t have any insight as to what’s the most … Continue reading

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Trendspotting City Blog Discovers That Bernal Is For Lovers

As Citizens of Bernalwood, we all know that Bernal Heights is for lovers. It’s been our little romantic secret. Well, now every starry-eyed Millennial from The Marina to Capp Street knows it too, thanks to a recent listicle on the … Continue reading

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