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Hidden Part of Bernal Heights Looks Oddly Like Rural France

Last year, Bernalwood showed you a secret part of Bernal Heights that actually looks a lot like Alabama. Now, in the photo above, Neighbor Ed Brownson captured a secret part of Bernal Heights that actually looks a lot like rural … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Vintage Photo Was Very Probably Taken from Bernal Heights

Sarah from the Bernal Heights History Project recently posted this photo, soliciting input to help pinpoint the location where the picture was taken. Obviously, it’s a view looking east, so that pretty much narrows it down to either Potrero Hill … Continue reading

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A 60-Second Tour of Esmeralda Avenue, As Mapped (But Never Built)

Last week’s post about the confusing number of California Avenues in late 19th century Bernal Heights maps prompted an excellent suggestion from La Lengua’s rebel spokesblogger Burrito Justice: @Jobius Nice overlay map! You should walk the “proposed” Esmerelda line and … Continue reading

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In 1889, Bernal Heights Was a Confusing Mess of California Avenues

Last week, map maven Eric Fischer zapped a tweet to La Lengua’s rebel spokesblogger Burrito Justice, sending him a link to an odd 1889 map of Bernal Heights: @burritojustice Have you seen this 1889 Bernal Heights map before, by the way? … Continue reading

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These Bernal Heights Streets Are Barely Streets at All

Neighbor Craig has been admiring some of the feral streets of Bernal Heights; streets so small, or so wonky, or so disjointed that it’s dubious whether they deserve to be called streets at all. Take it away, Neighbor Craig: I’ve … Continue reading

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Counterpoint: A Lifetime Resident Laments the Transformation of Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights is changing. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Actually, Bernal Heights has been changing for about 180 years.  Change is often difficult, yet my sense is that the changes that have taken place here during … Continue reading

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The Transformation of Bernal Heights into a Creative Class Enclave

The issue of gentrification in Bernal Heights is a delicate subject that’s often framed as a tension between  Bernal oldtimers vs. newer arrivistes — with the latter frequently  derided as techie “masters of the universe” who don’t fully appreciate the funky, … Continue reading

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What Bernal Heights Looks Like from the International Space Station

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Bernal’s own space exploration team, we know what it’s like to stand in Bernal Heights and gaze far into the heavens. But what does an astronaut see when looking at Bernal Heights from outer … Continue reading

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1968: Envisioning Bernal Heights as a Much Prettier Place

This map comes to us via the good offices of the esteemed Eric Fisher. It shows what a group of city planners saw in 1968, when they evaluated Bernal Heights as an urban canvas in need of some serious beautification. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Don’t Worry, That Helicopter Hovering Above Bernal This Morning Was Probably Not Searching for Radiation

  CORRECTION: Neighbor Sasha says: Nope,  I thought it was [a radiation-sniffing helicopter]  too,  but it was a news copter right above my house (in lower Noe) with camera trained on 28th and Church,  where there was a shooting and … Continue reading

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Thursday: A Festive Street Crawl in “Bernal Flats”

The Bold Italic has organized a festive street-crawl in La Lengua on Thursday evening to celebrate the glamour and abundance of the neighborhood. The event takes place this Thursday, August 23, from 6 to 8 pm: The Bold Italic’s microhood party returns … Continue reading

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Woa! A Lovely New 360-Degree Panorama from Atop Bernal Hill

Wow! Check out this vivid 360-degree panorama of Bernal Hill’s north face. It was created by Kaitlin Gaiss two days ago. Hint: The pano looks fantastic on a big screen.

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Bernal Surrealists Do Strange Things with Street Names and Food

A duo of guerrilla surrealists had their way with some Bernal Heights sidewalks recently, and the results were rather fruitful: We had some fun with a few Bernalwood street names & thought we would share. Aaron & Allison There’s more: … Continue reading

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