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After That Earthquake, Have You Hugged Bernal’s Chert Today?

Last weekend’s dramatic 6.0 earthquake was centered around American Canyon, but it caused substantial damage in the nearby town of Napa. Get well soon, drinky Wine Country neighbors! But did you feel the quake here in Bernal when the earth shook at … Continue reading

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We Are Bernal Heights. We Are The People of the Chert

We are Bernal Heights. We are the People of the Chert. We are the People of the Chert, and we are growing larger! In the remote terrain high above San Francisco, @willak captured this SHOCKING photographic evidence of a new … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays, Bernalwood!

With all the best to you and yours, and a special thank you to the clever neighbor who decorated North Rock for the season. Enjoy! PHOTO: Shane O’Neill

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Young Child Discovers the Joy of Bernal’s Chert

Neighbor Isaac captured the moment when a small child in Bernal Heights first experienced the Joy of Chert. Though her young brain hardly comprehends the multi-faceted magnificence of our chert, we all know that in an intuitive, pre-reptilian way, she … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Explains Why Bernal’s Chert Is Better Than Soft Rock During an Earthquake

In pretty much every earthquake post that has appeared on this blog, I have extolled the virtues of Bernal’s beloved red chert because it doesn’t shake all that hard even during really big seismic events — especially compared to the … Continue reading

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Shaking Bernalwood: Today’s Earthquake Moved Our Chert

Bernalwood’s own Bronwyn Ximm reports that today’s freaky-auspicious 105th anniversary earthquake moved the ground beneath her home: OMG did you feel that? We just did.. chert be damned! Several similar reports coming through via Twitter. For those keeping score at … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Explains Why the 1906 Earthquake Did Little Damage to Bernalwood

As we noted earlier, today is the 105th anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 — the infamous M7.8 rupture along the San Andreas Fault that severely damaged San Francisco before subsequent fires did the rest of the work destroying … Continue reading

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