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What You Missed When You Missed Glenn Lym’s Talk About the Lost Geology of Bernal Heights

Glenn Lym addressed a full house at the Bernal Heights branch of the San Francisco Public Library on Wednesday night. His presentation focused on how San Francisco transformed the hilly native landscape into flat land suitable for development. Much of … Continue reading

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… In Which I Am Revealed to Be Only Marginally Prepared for a Very Big Earthquake

A few months ago, I volunteered myself, my daughter, and my home to serve as on-camera crash-test dummies for a series of earthquake-preparedness videos produced by Totally Unprepared, a public-awareness organization which describes itself as… … what happens when you … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Explains Why Bernal’s Chert Is Better Than Soft Rock During an Earthquake

In pretty much every earthquake post that has appeared on this blog, I have extolled the virtues of Bernal’s beloved red chert because it doesn’t shake all that hard even during really big seismic events — especially compared to the … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Evaluates Last Night’s Earthquake

So, did you feel last night’s earthquake? I sure did. Heard it too. Good times. Julian Lozos, Bernalwood’s Senior Seismologist, wasn’t here for the shake, but after it he tweeted up a storm from his high-tech monitoring post. Here’s some … Continue reading

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In an Earthquake, Bernal Heights Will Rock; Less Likely to Shake

Let us now pause to appreciate some encouraging seismic prognostication news from the Association of Bay Area Governments: In a major earthquake, Bernal Heighs is likely to fare reasonably well compared to much of the rest of the city, thanks … Continue reading

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Shaking Bernalwood: Today’s Earthquake Moved Our Chert

Bernalwood’s own Bronwyn Ximm reports that today’s freaky-auspicious 105th anniversary earthquake moved the ground beneath her home: OMG did you feel that? We just did.. chert be damned! Several similar reports coming through via Twitter. For those keeping score at … Continue reading

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Our Seismologist Explains Why the 1906 Earthquake Did Little Damage to Bernalwood

As we noted earlier, today is the 105th anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906 — the infamous M7.8 rupture along the San Andreas Fault that severely damaged San Francisco before subsequent fires did the rest of the work destroying … Continue reading

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