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San Francisco of the Early 1990s Is Alive and Well and Open for Business at Thrillhouse Records

Amid all the current whinging about gentrification, The Change, tech buses, and coffee boutiques, it’s good to know the “real” San Francisco of bohemian memory is alive and well — if you know where to look for it. Thrillhouse Records is such a place. … Continue reading

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After That Earthquake, Have You Hugged Bernal’s Chert Today?

Last weekend’s dramatic 6.0 earthquake was centered around American Canyon, but it caused substantial damage in the nearby town of Napa. Get well soon, drinky Wine Country neighbors! But did you feel the quake here in Bernal when the earth shook at … Continue reading

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This Is What Bernal Heights Looks Like from Atop Sutro Tower

Every citizen of Bernalwood knows what it’s like to gaze out to the west from Bernal Hill and feel the sculptural, sci-fi presence of Sutro Tower standing proud above the City, Twin Peaks, and even Karl the Fog. For example, yesterday. But have you … Continue reading

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Neighbor Goes for Walk on Lost Streets of Bernal’s Yesteryear

Bernal neighbor Michael Nolan has been here for many hundreds of moons, but he recently went for a short walk around west Bernal that sent him even farther back in time: I walked down Heyman this morning en route to boot … Continue reading

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Let’s Explore Life Magazine’s Mysterious 1969 Photo from Bernal Hill

We don’t know much about what’s going on here, because the caption doesn’t provide any context. (“Above San Francisco, 1969″ is all it says. Thanks!) Still, it was nifty to stumble across this image in an online round-up of vintage LIFE magazine photographs of … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Bernal’s Lesbian Community, as Viewed from Wild Side West

There’s an interesting story on the cover of SF Weekly this week that looks at the changing geography of San Francisco’s lesbian community. It describes how “San Francisco’s lesbian enclave has shifted four times in the last 30 years, from Valencia Street to Noe … Continue reading

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Meet the Sneaky Bernal Kid Who Earned a Cameo in the Famous “Bullitt” Car Chase Scene

Our glamorous neighborhood’s most famous Hollywood moment took place in 1968, when Bernal Heights served as the gritty starting point for the classic Steve McQueen car chase sequence in the movie Bullitt. Writing for the SF Weekly,  Joe Eskenazi tells a sweet “Where are they … Continue reading

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