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Then and Now: Folsom at Precita, 1943

When they are not giving you expensive parking tickets or botching your commute, our friends at the San Francisco Municipal  Transportation Agency (SFMTA) also maintain a historical photo archive that’s accessible via a spiffy photo website for blissful procrastination focused browsing by members of the general public. That’s … Continue reading

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Former Neighbor, Now Living in NYC, Remembers Us Fondly

Until late last year, Hilary Pollack lived in Bernal’s La Lengua Autonomous Zone. Then she moved to New York. Now, as an esteemed member of the Bernal Heights Alumni Network, San Francisco remains on her mind, and she recently shared some memories on … Continue reading

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Violent Tales from Pre-Gentrification Bernal Heights During the Eighties

Bernal Heights was a tough place during the Eighties. It was a time of rampant lawlessness, violent crime, substance abuse, and lots of un-neighborly behavior. Burrito Justice, chief spokesblogger for the La Lenguan separatists, recently posted a series of tales … Continue reading

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UPDATED – Remember When: The Day DiFi Laughed Her Way Down the Esmeralda Slides

Once upon a time, several years before she became a United States Senator with a thing for national security issues, then-Mayor Diane Feinstein came to Bernal Heights on a warm winter day in 1979. She was here to celebrate the … Continue reading

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What You Missed When You Missed Glenn Lym’s Talk About the Lost Geology of Bernal Heights

Glenn Lym addressed a full house at the Bernal Heights branch of the San Francisco Public Library on Wednesday night. His presentation focused on how San Francisco transformed the hilly native landscape into flat land suitable for development. Much of … Continue reading

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This Proposed Freeway Tunnel Under Bernal Heights Would Have Destroyed My Home

Courtesy of Eric Fischer, king of the map geeks, your Bernalwood editor was alerted yesterday about a 1941 map detailing a freeway proposal that would have required the construction of a 2945 foot-long automobile tunnel under Bernal Hill. Unlike other … Continue reading

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Canine Rescue: Help Restore the Doggie Diner Heads

As you may recall, Bernalwood recently explored the history of the Bernal Heights branch of the Doggie Diner restaurant chain that ruled the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez from the 1960s until the 1980s. You may also recall that … Continue reading

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