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Massive New Waterfront Mural Visible from Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights is an interesting place to spend time, in no small part because the neighborhood rewards sustained attention in both micro and macro modes. That is, there’s a lot to notice both when you zoom in on street-level details … Continue reading

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Unbuilt Bernal Heights: Our Future That Never Was

The only thing Bernalwood loves more than a good local history lesson is a strong dose of local fantasy science-fiction. Luckily for us, some recent synchronicity has conspired to provide a tasty mixture of the two.  Here’s how it unfolds… Part One: … Continue reading

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In Which We Explore an Aerial View of Bernal Hill, Circa 1924

Courtesy of our friends at the Bernal Heights History Project, we bring you this never-before seen aerial view of Bernal Hill. The photo comes via a private collection that was shared with BHHP, and it was likely taken sometime during … Continue reading

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Three Long-Lost Views of Army Street at Midcentury

Our friends at the Bernal Heights History Project recently pointed us toward a relatively obscure Facebook group dedicated to the history of the area around Precita Park. That’s where we found the rather remarkable photo you see above, showing the … Continue reading

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Viva La Contra-Revolución! La Lengua Dissidents Dislike Funny Name, Seek to Rejoin Dominion of Bernalwood

Fellow Citizens of Bernalwood, this is a day we’ve long awaited. We have endured years of rebellious bluster and seditious propaganda seeking to undermine the integrity of the Bernal Heights motherland. Yet we now have indications that the La Lengua separatist … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Once Had Its Very Own Doggie Diner, and It Looked Fabulous

Doggie Diner was a chain of fast food restaurants scattered around the Bay Area. The franchise enjoyed its heyday during a mid-1960s expansion, during which it installed rotating doggie-head mascots above each of its 30 or so restaurants. The doggie-heads … Continue reading

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Now Showing: The Lost History of the Former Cortland Theater

Did you know there once was a movie theater on Cortland Avenue? The Cortland Theater (which became the Capri, after 1957) operated for more than 50 years (!!!) at 802 Cortland, in the building that’s now a church. In this … Continue reading

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A Brief History of How Cesar Chavez/Army Street Became So Damn Awful in the First Place

The photo above (Thanks Mark!) shows a view of Cesar Chavez Boulevard looking west from Folsom in 2008, a few years before the current/ongoing sewer and streetscape improvement project got underway. As you can see, it is very unlovely. In … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Vintage Photo Was Very Probably Taken from Bernal Heights

Sarah from the Bernal Heights History Project recently posted this photo, soliciting input to help pinpoint the location where the picture was taken. Obviously, it’s a view looking east, so that pretty much narrows it down to either Potrero Hill … Continue reading

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There’s a Bernal Buried in the Mission Dolores Cemetery

Neighbor Laurie made a historic discovery last weekend at Mission Dolores: Sketching at Mission Dolores today, I was startled to see the headstone (and footstone, if there is such a word) for one of the original Bernal family that gave … Continue reading

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In 1889, Bernal Heights Was a Confusing Mess of California Avenues

Last week, map maven Eric Fischer zapped a tweet to La Lengua’s rebel spokesblogger Burrito Justice, sending him a link to an odd 1889 map of Bernal Heights: @burritojustice Have you seen this 1889 Bernal Heights map before, by the way? … Continue reading

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What Year Was the Party to Celebrate Bernal Hill Becoming a Park?

This photo has been floating around the Interwebs for a few weeks; it’s a poster/handbill for an event to commemorate the dedication of Bernal Hill as a proper park — in contrast to the mining quarry/ad hoc garbage dump/motocross track … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Writer Publishes the Definitive Short History of the High-Five

You may recall that earlier this week Bernalwood encouraged one and all to give Neighbor Markus a high-five for all the hard work he’s done recently to reinvigorate the Flickr online photo service. Now we would also like to encourage … Continue reading

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