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Tiny Bernal Eartquake Shack Selected for Cool Style Contest

Neighbor Elyse lives with her girlfriend Olivia in a gen-u-ine 1906-surplus earthquake shack here in Bernal Heights. Their tiny home was recently selected as a nominee in Apartment Therapy’s “Small, Cool” contest: Name: Olivia Location: San Francisco, CA Square Feet: 250 Division: Teeny-Tiny What I Love … Continue reading

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Three of “San Francisco’s Quirkiest Homes” Found in Bernal Heights

Have you heard of the San Francisco Chronicle? We hear they print a newspaper. Yet just like Bernalwood, they also have a website, and on that website they published an article yesterday that lists “10 of San Francisco’s quirkiest homes.” … Continue reading

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Home Portrait: Golden Gate Bridge House

So it seems that the California Historical Association has hit upon an idea: To commemorate the installation of a new exhibition marking the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, the organization plans to paint their headquarters building in SoMa … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Carlos Santana’s House on Mullen

The Mission District usually gets the credit for having been home to Carlos Santana, but the truth of the matter is that Santana commuted to the Mission from Bernal Heights. Specifically, according to longtime Bernal resident Peter Wiley, Santana lived … Continue reading

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Susie Bright Remembers a Life on Bessie Street

Susie Bright is a writer/activist who edited On Our Backs, an influential ‘zine about female and lesbian sexuality that was published during the 1980s. During the heyday of On Our Backs, Bright lived in a small apartment at 25A Bessie Street that also … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Chalkboard Garage on Mullen Ave.

Deep in the depths of Mullen Avenue, there’s a 1950s-style house with two garage doors that have been painted with chalkboard paint. And if you look closely, you’ll find a tidy bucket of chalk sticks sitting at the foot of … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Big Pink on Brewster

This very big, very pink house at the corner of Brewster and Macedonia is from the late 1950s or early 1960s. It almost looks like a birthday cake; so much so that I find myself wanting to eat all the … Continue reading

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Home Improvements at the Skull House

Remember the awesome Skull House on Folsom? It may be battered, but it keeps getting better. Kaisa Wyser-Pratte captured this tasteful new addition above the front door.

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House Portrait: Hidden Peralta Street iPad House

When you zip south on US 101 alongside Bernal Heights, it’s hard to miss the giant Apple iPad billboard perched alongside the freeway just beyond the Cortland Avenue overpass. But what you may not have noticed is that there’s also … Continue reading

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The Lost History of The Beatles House on Precita

This is a tale of The Beatles, a house on Precita Avenue, a mural, an artsy kid, domestic terrorists, classic punk rock, and a lost moment of Bernal Heights bohemia… For almost two decades, the former “Beatles House,” at 191 … Continue reading

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The Cottage by the Reservoir (and the Day it Was Demolished)

Here’s a special celebrity guest post by Vicky Walker of the excellent Bernal History Project. Vicky shares a charming tale about a charming house that sat on Elsie Street, alongside the College Hill Reservoir, for 100 years. As a special bonus, … Continue reading

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Remodel in Progress or Magical Bernal Hermit House?

Reader Ned sent us this photo of an unusual house on Ellsworth, just short of Cortland. Is it a remodel in progress? I’m hoping not. I’m hoping it’s some amazingly, magical hermit, who will grant you access to his house … Continue reading

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House Portrait: Ripley Modern

Although most people associate Bernal Heights with quaint old houses and former earthquake shacks, there are a few Dwell-esque contemporary homes in the ‘hood –including this tidy collection along Ripley Street. Photo: Telstar Logistics

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