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A Brief History of How Cesar Chavez/Army Street Became So Damn Awful in the First Place

The photo above (Thanks Mark!) shows a view of Cesar Chavez Boulevard looking west from Folsom in 2008, a few years before the current/ongoing sewer and streetscape improvement project got underway. As you can see, it is very unlovely. In … Continue reading

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Ugly-Ass Roadsign Across Cesar Chavez Removed (At Last!)

A milestone of sorts was reached recently as part of the ongoing (and steadily advancing) Cesar Chavez Boulevard streetscape improvement project. Actually, a milestone was removed. Which is also kind of a milestone unto itself. The milestone of the removal … Continue reading

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Alemany Farm Raising Funds to Build Outdoor Kitchen

There’s some tasty infrastructure news coming out of the Alemany Farm that overlooks scenic I-280 along Alemany Boulevard. Plans are afoot to build an outdoor kitchen on the site, and  former Bernal resident Aaron Mckenzie from the California College of … Continue reading

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ParkletMania Sweeps Cortland as Vino Rosso Seeks Parklet Approval

Is it a fad? Or is it… the fuuuuuuuuuuuture? Suddenly, Cortland is awash in Parkletmania. It started at Neighbor Mutsumi Takehara’s restaurant at 903 Cortland, where construction of a new parklet is now underway following a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  Now … Continue reading

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Free Wi-Fi Coming Soon to Cortlandia

San Francisco is moving ahead with a program that will install free WiFi networks at 31 locations around the City, and the Bernal Heights Recreation Center just off Cortland was selected as one of the free hotspots. If all goes … Continue reading

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Bernal Photographer Shows Awesome Images of New Bay Bridge Construction

Speaking of Bernal celebrities… Neighbor Joseph Blum is a professional photographer who lives on the north side of Folsom Street. He was a boilermaker and welder for 25 years before he took up the camera, but his roots shine through … Continue reading

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Community Feedback Wanted on La Lengua Streetscape Improvement Proposals

Plans are afoot to beautify the La Lengua homeland by redeveloping the streetscape around Valencia Street between Mission and  Cesar Chavez Boulevard, as well as Tiffany, 29th, and Duncan Streets. The effort has been undertaken by SFPUC, the SF Planning Department, … Continue reading

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Meetings Announced to Discuss Bernal Library Southern Facade Artwork

There’s been a lot happening with the Bernal Heights Library art project of late. The mural on the eastern side of the library was recently completed (check it, above), and yesterday there was a raffle to raise funds for the … Continue reading

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These Bernal Heights Streets Are Barely Streets at All

Neighbor Craig has been admiring some of the feral streets of Bernal Heights; streets so small, or so wonky, or so disjointed that it’s dubious whether they deserve to be called streets at all. Take it away, Neighbor Craig: I’ve … Continue reading

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New Photo of Sutrito Tower Is Actually Rather Sexy

Just when you thought there were no more clever ways to photograph Bernal Hill’s (sort-of) beloved Sutrito Tower, along comes Steve MacDonald —  ramblinworker on the Instagram — with this funky-phresh new snap that makes Sutrito look wonderfully sculptural. PHOTO: … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Drive Underway for New Parklet at 903 Cortland

Miss Mutsumi from 903 (and Sandbox Bakery) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to install a cute little parklet in front of 903 Cortland, just east of Gates: There are currently no parklets in Bernal Heights. We at 903 are taking … Continue reading

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Thursday: A Community Meeting to Discuss Bernal Infrastructure Projects

A meeting will happen Thursday, April 25 at Leonard Flynn School at 6 pm  to share information about several major infrastructure projects happening in Bernal Heights — including the  Cesar Chavez greenification effort (now that the sewer replacement project is complete): … Continue reading

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City and CPMC Reach Agreement to Save and Expand St. Luke’s Hospital

Very good news! Mission Local reports that a new agreement between The City and California Pacific Medical Center will bring new investment and a more secure future for St. Luke’s Hospital in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone: After many months of strained … Continue reading

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