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Animated GIF Shows Very Animated Nighttime View of New Bayfront Mural

Neighbor Joe Thomas  (Codename: Jobius) operates a Bernalwood Observation Post at an upper altitude on the east side of Bernal Heights. He also uses this location as an Animated GIF manufacturing facility. All this means that Jobius now spends a … Continue reading

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Mysterious Bernal Hill Tree-Shrub Thing Now Protected by Powerful Force-Field

It’s a well-known fact that the big tree/shrub thingy atop Bernal Hill plays host to many dark mysteries. But now it seems that the distinctive plant has also acquired supernatural powers. Over on the Instagram, photographer Nick Hatamiya channeled the … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Old Cancilla’s Market Sign, and What You Could Do With It in Your Living Room

Once upon a time not really all that long ago, the Precita Park storefront on the corner of Folsom and Bessie that we now call Harvest Hills was a rather typical corner store known as Cancilla’s Market. It was called … Continue reading

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Newfangled Gas Pump Converts Sunlight Into Text Messages

Just in time for tonight’s glamorous Summer Solstice Stroll, a clever new fixture has been installed in front of the exceedingly clever New Wheel Electric Bicycle Shop on Cortland. As you no doubt recall, The New Wheel sells newfangled electric … Continue reading

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What Is Buried Under the Big Shrub/Tree Thing on Bernal Hill?

The big shrub/tree thingy on the eastern slope of Bernal Heights Park is one of the most impressive — if underrated —  features on the hill. The consensus among our local plantspotters is that it’s a California Buckeye (Aesculus californica). The … Continue reading

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1959 Cadillac Emerges from Bernal Garage; Smart Cars Rejoice

Neighbor Mason was on hand to witness the opening of an ad-hoc time capsule on Bocana last week: Last Friday at 305 Bocana, a garage was opened to reveal a collection of cars (and parts) owned by the late Edward … Continue reading

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Who Created that Cool Kinetic Sculpture in Holly Park?

La Principessa Errante, a blog about San Francisco art and architecture, has the answer. The sculpture is called Odonatoa, and it was created by Joyce Hsu: Born in Hong Kong, Joyce Hsu received her BFA from the Mount Allison University in … Continue reading

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Man Creates Bernal Heights Haven for Lost Stuffed Animals

There was a wonderful little piece on the SFGate website this weekend about Jose Marquez, a man who has turned his Cortland garage into a foster home for cast-away stuffed animals: Basically, we give these stuffed animals a second chance,” … Continue reading

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Tonight! Buy Chicken John’s Book, Help Save His Space for ‘Odd and Unlikely Artworks’

On Cesar Chavez Street near Mission, there’s a prominent mural on a jaunty red building that shouts advice to all passers-by: “Fail…to WIN!” That slogan is the subtitle of The Book of the IS, a new book written by the … Continue reading

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Jane Underwood Sees the Lovely in Bernalwood’s Details

Neighbor Jane Underwood recently submitted a nice batch of photos to the Bernalwood Flickr group, and though each one is different, they are all clearly of a kind. Jane has an eye for the small details; the lovely juxtapositions of … Continue reading

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Bernal’s Battle-Scarred Race Car Returns Home for Repairs

Last weekend I took part in an unusual rescue mission. Our task: Recover a race car used by the Bernal Dads Racing Team from the suburban jungles of Davis, California, and haul it back to Bernalwood so it can be … Continue reading

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Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs Peddle Premium Sidewalk Perfume

Once upon a time, children learned business basics by selling lemonade to sidewalk passers-by. But not anymore — and not in Bernalwood. Today’s young entrepreneurs aim highter. They have an eye for style, a clear bead on the urban lifestyle, … Continue reading

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Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians

Last weekend I found a must-have accessory for high-powered Bernal Heights executives who travel regularly for business. I got it at “Cries of San Francisco,” a pop-up event in Mint Plaza downtown that was organized by the artsy folk at … Continue reading

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