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Thursday: Bernal Filmmaker to Have Glamorous SF Premiere for New Documentary

Neighbor Samantha Grant feels like she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months, because she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months. Instead, she’s been busy jetting from film fest to film fest with … Continue reading

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First Openly Gay American Idol Contestant Raised in Bernal Heights

Neighbor Barbara brings the glamorous TV celebrity news that Emkay Nobilette, a contestant on the current American Idol, is an OG Bernal native: I noticed on sfgate that an SF kid made the top 30. I sent the link to … Continue reading

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SF Chronicle Urban Design Critic Eschews Urbanism, Succumbs to Nostalgia

Sigh. San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King has become the latest in a series of Baby Boomer journalists to lament how much more vibrant and exciting Bernal Heights was back in the wooly days before the Baby Boomers became… … Continue reading

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What Was That Glamorous Video Shoot on Cortland Yesterday?

O… M… G…!!!! The Bernalnet was abuzz yesterday after several neighbors spotted a glamorous film shoot taking place on the western side of Cortland, around Wool Street. What was happening? We asked John from Holy Water for the dish: Laura, … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Tim Redmond Will Launch New Progressive News Site

Though he rarely brags about it, progressive journalist Tim Redmond and Bay Area media celebrity lives in Bernal Heights. For 31 years, Neighbor Tim edited the stalwart San Francisco Bay Guardian — until last June, when he parted ways with the … Continue reading

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Now Showing: The Lost History of the Former Cortland Theater

Did you know there once was a movie theater on Cortland Avenue? The Cortland Theater (which became the Capri, after 1957) operated for more than 50 years (!!!) at 802 Cortland, in the building that’s now a church. In this … Continue reading

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This Week: Enjoy the Glamorous 2013 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Series

Okay, fashionistas and film geeks! It’s that silver-screen time of year here in Bernal Heights, because this week we get to enjoy the glamorousness that is the 10th annual Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema festival. Bonus: Here’s the sexxxy new trailer … Continue reading

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Trendspotting City Blog Discovers That Bernal Is For Lovers

As Citizens of Bernalwood, we all know that Bernal Heights is for lovers. It’s been our little romantic secret. Well, now every starry-eyed Millennial from The Marina to Capp Street knows it too, thanks to a recent listicle on the … Continue reading

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Bernalwood: The Magazine, Now Available on the Web

Glamorous news! Bernalwood: The Magazine is now available on the Web. But wait. What is Bernalwood Magazine? Here’s what I wrote about the magazine-style version of Bernalwood when I unveiled it a few months ago: As our longtime readers know, Bernalwood … Continue reading

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Neighbor Matt Nathanson Releases a Big New Album Today

Today is a big day for Matt Nathanson, Bernal’s celebrity rockstar next door. Around here, he’s Neighbor Matt, a musician from the southeast side of the hill who often draws creative inspiration from walks around the neighborhood. (Just like us!!) … Continue reading

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Glamorous TV Shoot Brings Taye Diggs to Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights was aflutter yesterday morning, as a film crew was spotted shooting a big-budget production on the north side. So! Completely! Glamorous! But what were they shooting? Neighbor Jenna tracked down the details: Here’s what Deadline Bernalwood Hollywood has … Continue reading

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Music Video from Thao Nguyen Connects Bernal to Brooklyn

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s candid discussion about the impact of gentrification in Bernal Heights, here’s an item that’s both appropriately inappropriate and inappropriately appropriate. Songwriter Thao Nguyen is currently enjoying some much-deserved success in the indie scene. She doesn’t live … Continue reading

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Introducing Bernalwood… The Magazine

As our longtime readers know, Bernalwood is many things. It’s a glamour-soaked nickname for Bernal Heights, our fabulous neighborhood. Bernalwood is a blog. Bernalwood is a Flickr group. Bernalwood is a Twitter account. And now, Bernalwood is a magazine. Let me back up … Continue reading

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