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Enterprising Bernal Kid Sells Adorable Plush Meats at Avedano’s

Junior Neighbor Takouhi is a nine year-old from Winfield Street who has mad skillz with a sewing machine. Her dad tells Bernalwood that Junior Neighbor Takouhi is now selling some of her carnivore-themed pieces at Avedano’s on Cortland: Our daughter … Continue reading

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Tierra Mia Coffee Shop Opens on Mission at Valencia

Tierra Mia Coffee is a new coffee shop on Mission Street along the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone, and owner Ulysses Romero writes to tell us about it: Tierra Mia Coffee has opened a store in San Francisco. We have taken over … Continue reading

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Bernal Cutlery Introduces Drop-Off Service via Avedano’s

As threatened, Bernal Cutlery has matriculated from the 331 Cortland Marketplace and set up shop in the hipster flatlands of the Mission District. And as promised, the business is still called Bernal Cutlery. (REPRESENT!) Plus, Neighbors Josh and Kelly, the … Continue reading

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For Sale: Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland

An observant Bernalwood reader sent us a tip yesterday about a “For Sale” sign in the window of the beloved Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland. So odd. So curious. So confusing. Thus confounded, we picked up the Bernalwood red phone … Continue reading

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Revealed! What’s Happening to the Former Bernal Heights Produce Store on Cortland

Reinvention is underway at the iconic Bernal Heights Produce store on the corner of Cortland and Ellsworth. The old business has shut down and workers are busy rebuilding the interior, but paper covers the windows to hide the transformation taking … Continue reading

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Cortland Candy Shop Converts Tasty Sugar Into Wholesome Community

There’s a cute interview with Miss Heather from Cortland’s Rock Candy Snack Shop  posted on the San Francisco Small Business Week website, in which Miss Heather explains how she’s trying to build community, one jellybean at a time: Tell us about … Continue reading

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Bernal Cutlery to Move from Bernal Heights but Remain “Bernal Cutlery”

The paradoxical thing about the foodie incubator at 331 Cortland is that — by design — the businesses you know and love most there will eventually move elsewhere. The purpose of 331 Cortland is to nurture fledgling businesses so they can … Continue reading

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Badger Books Opens for Business on Cortland

Last weekend, Badger Books opened in the former Red Hill Books space on Cortland. Truth be told, the differences between the old bookstore and the new one are still rather subtle. The cash register, which was once on the left, … Continue reading

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Harried Pet Owner Cleans Dirty Dog At New “Precita Bark” Dog Spa

Precita Bark, the new dog groomery on the eastern end of Precita Park (across from the playground) is now open for business. Neighbor Regina stopped in recently to get a treatment for her dog Rover, and she filed this report: … Continue reading

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Chinese Massage Awning Leaves Bernal Neighbor Perplexed

Neighbor Lev wonders about a new business on Cortland: I’m puzzled by the awkward, somewhat self-undermining slogan of the new Chinese massage parlor on Cortland: Traditional Chinese Massage We use only Chinese massage and energy to heal, not medicine. What … Continue reading

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Red Hill Books Closure Sale Underway; Metamorphosis Planned

As you probably heard, Red Hill bookstore on Cortland has announced plans to close. Sort of. It’s sad, but store isn’t going away entirely; instead, the goal is to execute  a metamorphosis that will transform the thing formerly known as … Continue reading

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California Says Thanks and Thumbs-Up to Nervous Dog Coffee

Nervous Dog Coffee on Mission Street is gone, but Bernal celebrity and California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano arranged to give the much-loved coffee shop a little more love. Neighbor Oliver snapped a photo of this “Certificate of Recognition” that was … Continue reading

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Newfangled Electric Bike Hauls Xmas Cheer Up Bernal Hill

In days of yore, Bernal Heights residents brought their Christmas trees home either by recruiting teams of reindeer to haul the trees up Bernal Hill or by strapping the trees to the roofs of their internal-combustion vehicles. But that was … Continue reading

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