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Rude Mockingbird Sings Loudly All Night, Will Not Shut Up

A male mockingbird has taken up residence in Precita Valley, near the intersection of Precita and Shotwell. And as male mockingbirds are wont to do this time of year, Precitaville’s mockingbird has been singing his little avian heart out during … Continue reading

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Loudmouth Bernal Heights Frogs Want Sex, Won’t Shut Up

Everyone knows Bernal Heights is home to lots of dogs. And some cats. And some dissident parrots. But Neighbor Lori is playing host to some really chatty Bernal Heights frogs: They are Pacific Chorus Frogs, in my backyard pond. It … Continue reading

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BUSTED! Bernal Marmot Captured After Savoring Sweet Taste of Freedom

Remember the Bernal Marmot? And remember the intensive effort to apprehend him/her in late June? Well, you may also recall that Bernalwood never reported news of the marmot’s capture… because as far as we know the marmot was never caught. … Continue reading

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Dissident Parrots Take Refuge in Bernal Heights, Have Little To Say

It’s been a while since the Dissident Parrots of Bernal Heights dropped by Bernalwood’s Eastern Bureau, but on Tuesday they were seen holding a meeting near a neighbor’s bird feeder. Normally gregarious and chatty, the video below reveals that the … Continue reading

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Have Fruit, Will Can It: Bernal Neighbor Will Transform Your Surplus Produce Into Tasty Treats

This is so great. If you have fruit trees on your Bernal Heights property, Neighbor Deborah from Montcalm Street is prepared to make an offer that’s hard to refuse: She will turn surplus produce from your fruit trees into tasty … Continue reading

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Attention Dog-Owners: How to Protect Your Pet from Foxtails

Neighbor Nicolette Zarday is a Bernal west-sider and a veterinarian whose name is often followed by the letters DVM and MPH. (She practices at the Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos.) She brings a special caution for Bernal canines, and the … Continue reading

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Ancient Godzilla Ancestor Spotted on Bernal Hill

Mike Stickel documented an impressive proto-Godzilla reptile sighting on Bernal Hill over the weekend: Caught this little guy sunning himself (and growing his tail back). PHOTO: Stickel on Instagram

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Video: Slithering Serpent Spotted on Bernal Hill

Pascal shot this video yesterday; he saw a big, slithering gopher snake crossing the pavement atop Bernal Hill. Check it out:

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Errant Waterfowl Returns to Familiar Spot on Precita Ave.

Remember that odd, errant waterfowl that made an incongruous appearance on Precita Avenue last spring? Neighbor Dan reports that a) it’s spring again and b) a near-identical waterfowl has returned to the exact same spot on Precita: Remember that hanger … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Large Tree Validates Newtonian Physics on Virginia Street

It probably wasn’t intended as a science experiment, but a big tree fell on the 300 block of Virginia during the wee hours of this morning, taking out a fence along the way. Neighbor Blair reports: Apparently this tree fell … Continue reading

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Confirmed: A Spiritually Significant Owl Sighting on Gates Street

Bernal Heights is famously fashionable and always avant garde, but there has been a sadness at our spiritual core ever since the wonderful Great Horned Owls of Bernal Hill passed away in 2007. Now, however, we are pleased to reveal … Continue reading

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They’re Baaaaack! Seasonal Arachnid Invasion Now Under Way

The Bernalwood Intelligence Agency noted the invasion preparations underway back in May, and just as predicted, the Arachnid Forces have now established a beachhead in Bernal Heights. Neighbor Brent reports from the front lines on Prentiss Street, where a platoon … Continue reading

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Giant, Marauding Banana Slug Spotted on Bernal Hill

Yarrcat just posted this on the Instagram: My jogging buddy today – a banana slug atop Bernal Hill! Bernalwood’s advice: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! PHOTO: Yarrcat

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