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Bernal Neighbor Launches Concierge Service for Vacation Rental Hosts

Recently, Neighbor Emily launched Guesthop, a new service for people who host guests via websites like Airbnb and VRBO.  She tells Bernalwood: From the East Side of Bernal, introducing We created Guesthop to deal with the problems people face when … Continue reading

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Little Bee Bakery Plans Soft-Launch Opening, Starting Today

Ooh. Tasty. According to the sign in the window, the new Little Bee Bakery from Bernal neighbor (and Chez Panisse alum) Stacie Pierce is set to open for a soft-launch starting today in the former Rock Candy Shop space at 521 … Continue reading

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Tonight: Special Bernal-Only Soft Launch Opening at New “Holy Water” Bar on Cortland

The former Stray Bar is reopening tonight, under new ownership, with an all-new interior, and a brand-new name. Your Bernalwood editor snapped the photos you see above during a speedy drive-by visit last week. From here on out, the bar shall … Continue reading

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Little Bee Bake Shop Seeks Crowdsourced Funds for September Opening

Neighbor Stacie is on target to open her Little Bee Bake Shop in the location of the former Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland, with a September launch date on the calendar and a crowdsourced fund drive underway via Indiegogo: … Continue reading

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Neighbor David Praises New Cafe St. Jorge on Mission Street

Neighbor David has been spending a lot of time lately at the the new Cafe St. Jorge on Mission Street near Cortland. Cafe St. Jorge has been open for just a month, but Neighbor David writes to tell us why … Continue reading

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Chez Panisse Alum Opening Little Bee Bake Shop on Cortland

There was sadness in Bernal Heights when we learned that Miss Heather had to sell the Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland so she could spend more time caring for her mother. But  we are very happy to report that … Continue reading

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Tierra Mia Coffee Shop Opens on Mission at Valencia

Tierra Mia Coffee is a new coffee shop on Mission Street along the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone, and owner Ulysses Romero writes to tell us about it: Tierra Mia Coffee has opened a store in San Francisco. We have taken over … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Foodie News: Suite Foods Waffle Shop, The Palace [Steak House], and Angkor Borei

There’s lots of innnnnteresting news to share about our glamorous Bernal Heights food scene, so let’s just dive right in… Suite Foods Waffle Shop Yes, the moment you’ve been waiting your entire life for is finally here. The Suite Foods Waffle … Continue reading

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New “Virgil’s Sea Room” to Open in Former Naps III Bar on Mission Street

Friends and neighbors, we may be at a tipping point. The density of fine drinking establishments along Mission Street between 29th and Precita has reached such critical mass that we may have a full-fledged Cocktail Zone on our hands. Or … Continue reading

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Revealed! What’s Happening to the Former Bernal Heights Produce Store on Cortland

Reinvention is underway at the iconic Bernal Heights Produce store on the corner of Cortland and Ellsworth. The old business has shut down and workers are busy rebuilding the interior, but paper covers the windows to hide the transformation taking … Continue reading

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Badger Books Opens for Business on Cortland

Last weekend, Badger Books opened in the former Red Hill Books space on Cortland. Truth be told, the differences between the old bookstore and the new one are still rather subtle. The cash register, which was once on the left, … Continue reading

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Harried Pet Owner Cleans Dirty Dog At New “Precita Bark” Dog Spa

Precita Bark, the new dog groomery on the eastern end of Precita Park (across from the playground) is now open for business. Neighbor Regina stopped in recently to get a treatment for her dog Rover, and she filed this report: … Continue reading

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Hillside Supper Club Now Open for Dinner — Permanent Style

It’s taken a long time and an insane amount of hard work to get to this place, but last night Bernal’s own Hillside Supper Club opened for business in its new, permanent, non-pop-up incarnation at the southwest corner of Precita … Continue reading

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