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Eji’s Ethiopian Has Tasty Opening in 331 Cortland Marketplace

There was a small party at 331 Cortland on Friday night to celebrate the glamorous grand opening of the Eji’s Ethiopian kiosk. Amid much rejoicing and poured cups of Ethiopian honey-wine, Miss Eji was on hand to hand out samples … Continue reading

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Hillside Supper Club Prepares to Go from Pop-Up to Permanent

Bernalwood has been following the ongoing adventures of the Hillside Supper Club pop-up restaurant since waaaaay back when it was called the Bernal Supper Club — and wasn’t even in Bernal. Since its renaming, the Hillside Supper Club has set … Continue reading

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Eji’s Ethiopian Joining the 331 Cortland Marketplace

That available space in the glamorous 331 Cortland marketplace is no longer available. Eji’s Ethiopan will be moving in soon: We are proud to announce a new vendor at 331 Cortland who will be joining the marketplace in early October, just a … Continue reading

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New Blog Chronicles Flotsom Found on Eugenia Steps

Neighbor Lee has started a blog to document “images of stuff that is left on Eugenia steps in Bernal Heights.” Lee tells Bernalwood: For my own entertainment I am posting pictures of the junk I find on the Eugenia steps … Continue reading

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Newfangled Gas Pump Converts Sunlight Into Text Messages

Just in time for tonight’s glamorous Summer Solstice Stroll, a clever new fixture has been installed in front of the exceedingly clever New Wheel Electric Bicycle Shop on Cortland. As you no doubt recall, The New Wheel sells newfangled electric … Continue reading

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Former Park Bench Cafe to Become Tapas and Wine Bar

As you may recall, Charlie from Charlie’s Cafe purchased the shuttered Park Bench Cafe on the corner of Folsom and Bessie Streets. Now, according to this video by realtor Frank Castaldini, Charlie plans to turn the space into a combination tapas … Continue reading

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Brand New “Bernal Heights” EP Inspired by Bernal Heights

Okay, this is fun. The Chocolate Penthouse are an electronic music duo, and for a time they lived (and recorded) in Bernal Heights. The result was a brand new collection of music that they’re calling the Bernal Heights EP: Here … Continue reading

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New Marijuana Dispensary “Takes Bernal Heights Up A Notch”

Marijuana criticism is not confined solely to droopy-eyed amateurs; Like the rest of the medical marijuana industry, the field has also developed its own cadre of professionals. One such pro, from the East Bay Express’s Legalization Nation blog, recently took note … Continue reading

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Back of Liberty Cafe to Become Bistro-Style Outdoor Cinema

As you may recall, last fall the Liberty Cafe on Cortland was purchased by the owners of Vega, the Italian restaurant across the street. Now that the new owners have had some time to settle in, they’re preparing to make … Continue reading

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New Portola Blog Is Almost as Vain as Bernalwood

There’s a new kid on the block. The Portola Planet is a new blog dedicated to covering The Portola, a neighborhood that reliable sources tell us lies on the other side of I-280, immediately to the south of glamorous Bernal … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: More Gourmet Auto Parts

When the Hollywood Video store on the corner of Cesar Chavez and South Van Ness closed down, I had a little fantasy: The store occupied a high-profile location with above-average square-footage and even a few parking spaces, so in my … Continue reading

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Bernal Barfly Samples Cocktails at New Rock Bar

Tasty things are happening in the flatlands of Bernal’s La Lengua Autonomous Zone. Gradually, we are witnessing the birth of a dynamic Cocktail Cluster that caters to those who want to get a classy drink on. It began with the … Continue reading

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Gorgeous New Children’s Book Was Made in Bernalwood

Neighbor Ashley Wolff has a new children’s book that’s just been released, and it was created right in here in Bernal Heights: I wanted to share the news that my new picture book is out at last. Baby Bear Sees … Continue reading

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