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If Two Homes Are Built on This Bernal Heights Property, Will It Explode in a Giant Scorching Fireball?

There’s a design review committee meeting happening tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 28 at 7 pm at the Precita Center. The topic on the agenda will be that proposal to build two single-family homes at 3516 and 3526 Folsom on the southeast slope of … Continue reading

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Neighbor Attends Design Review Meeting, Gets Depressed, Sees “Dark Heart” of San Francisco Housing Crisis

Neighbor Jenna attended last week’s neighborhood review meeting for the proposal to build new homes on the “secret lot” at York and Cesar Chavez. Bernalwood noticed a few tweets she sent during the meeting, so we invited her to share … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading: Savvy Perspectives on a Changing San Francisco

Let’s take a moment took to survey the City of San Francisco, which we can see so clearly from our elevated perch in Bernal Heights. As you know, San Francisco is a place that was, in no small part, created by great economic booms. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Space-Hogging Car Attracts Multiple Parking Notes of Rage

Tensions were running high on Manchester Street last week, thank to a Mitsubishi SUV that was parked for a long-term stay while taking up two (2!) street parking spaces. The car was finally moved over the weekend, but not before … Continue reading

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Fearmongering NIMBYs vs. Bernal Heights iPhone Owners

Ugh. Here we go again. AT&T would like to offer some relief to those long-suffering iPhone owners in southeast Bernal Heights, who have long had to endure dropped calls and poor reception. This relief would come in the form of … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My New Smart Meter

One day, it just happened: I came home from work at the end of a hard-earned day to find a new PG&E Smart Meter blinking at me from the front of my house. Sure, I’d been warned that this would … Continue reading

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Why Bernal Heights iPhone Owners May Cheer AT&T Oligopoly

While perusing the City’s online Library of Cartography recently — don’t ask! — I discovered a new map that does a lot to explain why my iPhone gets such crappy reception inside my home, and why AT&T’s proposed merger with … Continue reading

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Off the Hill: Ten Great Restaurants, Mayor Ed on Wheels, Transbay NIMBYs, and Sea Lions in the Mission

Now that passport and visa restrictions have been waived for residents traveling beyond the confines of Bernalwood, there’s a whole City for us to explore! Here are some things that have been happening around town: Ten Interesting Restaurants to Try … Continue reading

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Amsterdam on Mission Street? Proposed Cannabis Club and Coffee Shop Creates Concern

The Bernalwood reader hotline went ring-a-ding-ding over the weekend, and when we picked up the line this message greeted us: We received a permit application the other day for a new Cannabis club near Mission St. and Precita. (3139 Mission … Continue reading

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Supervisor Campos Breaks Silence, Says He “Wants to Inject Common Sense” Into Coke Mural Controversy

The case of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Vintage Coke Mural has been exasperating for (almost) everyone involved. It has been exasperating for homeowner Richard Modolo, who has had to deal with the inconvenience and expense of responding to the City’s notice … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Sad Coca-Cola Mural Cover-Up

While the City Planning Commission runs on bureaucratic autopilot and Supervisor David Campos thinks really, really, really hard about whether Bernalwood’s vintage Coca-Cola mural is worth saving, homeowner Richard Modolo is making plans to cover up the historic mural to … Continue reading

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It’s Really Old, Really: Evidence Proves Historic Provenance of Threatened Coca-Cola Mural

So the deadline is fast approaching in the matter of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Historic Coke Mural Beloved by The Neighbors of Bernalwood. As you may recall, after a whinging NIMBY complained to the City about the presence of the vintage Coca-Cola … Continue reading

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Nameless NIMBY Gets Bullheaded Bureaucrats to Outlaw Historic Coca-Cola Sign

This is an unfortunate story about a neighborhood landmark, the NIMBY menace, City bureaucracy, and a call to action for Bernal Heights history geeks. More or less in that order. Follow along… Decades ago, the building at 601 Tompkins Avenue, … Continue reading

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