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Update: Fundraising Continues for Bernal Neighbor’s Cancer Fight

Neighbor Micky sends along news about Neighbor Mary Isham of Andover Street, who is now battling liver cancer. Her fundraising drive to pay for cancer treatment will soon come to an end. Micky says: Bernalwood’s January 7 story on Mary … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Bikini Jogger Sighting, Today on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Gary spotted Bernal’s mythical, magical, marvelous Bikini Jogger this morning: Sighted today on Bernal Hill at about 9:30 am…….is this the SAME jogger as last year? Apparently… yes!

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Bernal Penguinologist Introduces His Co-Workers at the San Francisco Zoo

During a recent overcast morning, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter and I headed west to the San Francisco Zoo to visit one of our glamorous Bernal neighbors, penguinologist Anthony Brown. We used the Twitter to warn Anthony we were coming, and he … Continue reading

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Bernal Designer Creates Fabulously Cool Folding Lamp That Looks Like a Book

Neighbor Max lives on Folsom near Eugenia. He tells Bernalwood that he left his corporate job about a month ago to work on a lighting project he invented. It’s called Lumio, and it’s totally spiffy: Three days ago Max launched a … Continue reading

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One Year Later, Stephen Stymiest’s Daughter Wonders About the Dad She Didn’t Know

It’s been almost a year since the death of Stephen Stymiest, the homeless man who was was a fixture and a friend to many neighbors around Precita Park. Stephen is remembered warmly in Bernal Heights, but over the holiday break … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Seeks Assistance to Pay for Cancer Treatment

Neighbor Micky writes with some difficult news about a crowdsourced effort to help Neighbor Mary Isham pay for her cancer treatment: A few weeks before her 50th birthday, Mary Isham, a 35 year resident of Andover Street in Bernal Heights, … Continue reading

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Meet the Puddle People at the Alemany Flea Market

Bernalwood is on record as being a fan of the photographs taken by Neighbor Jane, aka my.third.eye, because she so consistently captures unique perspectives on familiar sights around Bernal Heights. Now she’s done it again, with a brilliant series of … Continue reading

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New Neighbor Paints Bernal Hill as Seen from Former Neighborhood

Todd Berman used to live in the Mission District, but he recently transferred his flag to Bernal Heights. To mark the occasion, he painted a picture of Bernal Hill as seen from 25th and Mission Street: I’ve been in San … Continue reading

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RIP: Claudie Young, “The Mayor of Ellsworth”

Claudie Young of Ellsworth Street died last Friday. He was 97, a World War II veteran, and a major presence on his street. Neighbor (in abstentia) Peter writes: I just wanted to pass on news about another sad passing in … Continue reading

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RIP: Spain Rodriguez, Underground Cartoonist and Bernal Heights Neighbor

Bernal Heights just lost one of its creative greats. Underground artist Spain Rodriguez died yesterday at his home just off Precita Park. Here’s the lede from the SF Chronicle’s obituary: Hard-charging biker. Class warfare revolutionary. Pioneering underground cartoonist. Loving family man. That … Continue reading

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Meet Melinda and Jason, Your New Bernal Neighbors

Stars implode. Galaxies collide. Planets are formed. Somewhere, a baby is born. Old neighbors move away, and new neighbors move in. As part of Bernalwood’s occasional series of New Neighbor Interviews, we try to get to know some people who … Continue reading

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Happy Couple Enjoys Martian-Style Wedding on Bernal Hill

The wedding took place early on Saturday, and the young couple looked lovely amid a morning fogbank and the Mars-like terrain on Bernal Hill. Yay! Congratulations! PHOTO: @tamararadler 

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Two Must-Read Articles by Bernal Heights Journalists

Though you’d hardly know it from the paltry number of then who have written for Bernalwood (AHEM! Hint! Hint!), Bernal Heights is home to several celebrity journalists who write for glamorous national publications. For example, Tim Dickinson is a contributing … Continue reading

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