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Potrero Photographer Captures Spooky Bernal Hill Moonrise

Bernalwood loves the work of photographer Daniel Leu, because he doesn’t live in Bernal. What we mean is… it would be great if he did live in Bernal. But he doesn’t. Instead, Daniel hails from Potrero, so instead of taking … Continue reading

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Bayshore Fire Creates Illusory Mt. Sutrito Eruption

Neighbor Brandon made a comment about yesterday’s big industrial fire in Bayshore, to the effect that from the western side of Bernal Hill, the smoke from the blaze made it look like a volcano had erupted at the peak of … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Sunset Is the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

A few weeks ago, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter and I visited the superchic Lowe’s home improvement store on Bayshore at the foot of Cortland. Inside, we noticed a display in the paint department celebrating the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, … Continue reading

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Purple Haze, Blowing Bernal’s Brain

Photographer Rachel snapped this beauty recently atop Bernal Hill, and somewhere, we suspect Jimi Hendrix was smiling. PHOTO: Rachel. Hat tip: CurbedSF

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Young Photography Superstar Displaying Work at Cafe St. Jorge

Neighbor David is the proud father of Neighbor Sarabeth Spector, who at age 13 has been dubbed the hottest new photographer in Bernal Heights. So with understandable pride, Davis is spreading the word that some of Sarabeth’s photos are currently … Continue reading

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Visiting Brother-In-Law Snaps Epic Photographs from Bernal Heights

Neighbor Deborah on Gates tells Bernalwood that her brother-in-law, Victor Dallons, came to visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Victor was impressed with the views here in Bernal, so he took some photographs using his impressive long-exposure nighttime kung-fu techniques. As … Continue reading

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Neighbor Photographs Dramatic Sunrise Exploding Behind Bernal Heights

Neighbor Markus lives in northeastern Bernal Heights, in the Santana Rancho subdistrict. On Sunday morning, he got up ridiculously early to photograph the sunrise from atop Twin Peaks. Cleverly, Nature conspired to place the sun directly behind Neighbor Markus’s house — and the … Continue reading

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