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Bernal Photographer Captures Alien Abduction of Oakland

From his observation post high atop Bernal Hill, Neighbor Michael captured the shocking scene this morning as a huge alien spacecraft abducted the entire city of Oakland. The photographic evidence is incontrovertible, yet, oddly, there has been no mention of … Continue reading

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New Photo of Sutrito Tower Is Actually Rather Sexy

Just when you thought there were no more clever ways to photograph Bernal Hill’s (sort-of) beloved Sutrito Tower, along comes Steve MacDonald —  ramblinworker on the Instagram — with this funky-phresh new snap that makes Sutrito look wonderfully sculptural. PHOTO: … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill at Night Is an Island in a Sea of San Francisco

Last night was one of those nights — clear and warm with no wind — that proved perfect for a quick jaunt to the top of Bernal Hill for a little nighttime photography. Those kinds of nights are magical, with … Continue reading

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Summeresque Weather Inspires Early-Morning Photographers on Bernal Hill

Spring has arrived in Bernal Heights, which really means that quasi-summer has arrived in Bernal Heights, since the weather we get during the calendar months of summer tends to be far less warm, less clear, and less glorious than what … Continue reading

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Mysterious Bernal Hill Tree-Shrub Thing Now Protected by Powerful Force-Field

It’s a well-known fact that the big tree/shrub thingy atop Bernal Hill plays host to many dark mysteries. But now it seems that the distinctive plant has also acquired supernatural powers. Over on the Instagram, photographer Nick Hatamiya channeled the … Continue reading

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Strange Mist Is Revealed as “Karl the Fog” Expressing Affection

Yesterday, the Citizens of Bernalwood awoke to find a spooky mist hovering over Bernal Heights. It was unlike the thick soup of dampness that we often see during “summer” months, however, in that yesterday’s fog was more of a swirling … Continue reading

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Dramatic Morning Sunrise Is Blessedly Meteor-Free

As is her wont, Neighbor Anita was on dawn patrol this morning, scanning the eastern horizon from her South Bernal observation post just as the sun was coming up. Today she recorded this spectacular sunrise, which was (thankfully) drama-free, despite … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill Looks Rakishly Handsome at Sunrise

Michael D. lives around Twin Peaks, so he has a terrific view of… us! He took this photo at sunrise yesterday, as Bernal Hill was just waking up. Thank you Michael!

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Hiker Experiences the Bernal Awakening, Beauty Ensues

It’s always fun to watch what happens when a visitor to our neighborhood experiences a “Bernal Awakening.” Here’s what happened when Wilson Lam discovered our hill: Bernal Heights, a place I’d never been to before, but after talking to a … Continue reading

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Happy Photowalk Yields Terrific Trove of Bernal Heights Photos

Perhaps you saw them on Saturday? A large group of about 80 amateur photographers traversing Bernal Hill in a cheerful gaggle as part of that Flickr Meetup organized by Neighbor Markus? They started at the secret Esmerelda slides before wandering … Continue reading

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Saturday: Celebrity Neighbor Will Lead Fun Photowalk on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Markus lives in Bernal Heights and works at Flickr, the venerable and recently revitalized online photo service. Actually, Neighbor Markus played a leading role in that revitalization. That explains why Bernal Heights has made so many cameo appearances in … Continue reading

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Bernalwood’s Rainbow Situation Room Tracks Effects of Multiple Rainbow Strikes Across Bernal Heights

It was a very busy Saturday at the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility. As a series of intense storms brought rain to Bernal Heights, intermittent periods of sunshine generated primary and secondary rainbow aftershocks across our neighborhood. Using the latest … Continue reading

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Meet the Puddle People at the Alemany Flea Market

Bernalwood is on record as being a fan of the photographs taken by Neighbor Jane, aka my.third.eye, because she so consistently captures unique perspectives on familiar sights around Bernal Heights. Now she’s done it again, with a brilliant series of … Continue reading

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