Visiting Brother-In-Law Snaps Epic Photographs from Bernal Heights


Neighbor Deborah on Gates tells Bernalwood that her brother-in-law, Victor Dallons, came to visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Victor was impressed with the views here in Bernal, so he took some photographs using his impressive long-exposure nighttime kung-fu techniques.

As Brother-in-Law Victor tells it:

We were in San Francisco for thanksgiving at Naomi’s sister’s house. We had a wonderful thanksgiving there. In the evenings, I went up on Bernal Heights, the hill up the street from their house, to take a few pictures of the city.

Here’s some more of Victor’s amazingness:



Frankly, we think Brother-in-Law Victor should come visit more often.

PHOTOS: by Victor Dallons, 2013

Neighbor Photographs Dramatic Sunrise Exploding Behind Bernal Heights


Neighbor Markus lives in northeastern Bernal Heights, in the Santana Rancho subdistrict. On Sunday morning, he got up ridiculously early to photograph the sunrise from atop Twin Peaks.

Cleverly, Nature conspired to place the sun directly behind Neighbor Markus’s house — and the rest of Bernal Heights — when he took this photo, which was then shared in the stylish Bernalwood Group on Flickr.

Frankly, Bernal looks pretty fantastic. We also look like we could use a cup of coffee.

PHOTO: Markus Spiering

Time-Lapse Photo of Venus and Crescent Moon Over Bernal Hill Is Space-tacular

Venus and Moon Sequence over Bernal HeightsLast month, Potrero Hill photographer Daniel Leu snapped a terrific photo of the moon and Venus setting over Bernal Hill.

This month, Leu ups the game with a new photo that shows the moon and venus in action again over Bernal Hill, in dynamic time-lapse mode:

I set up my camera to capture the sequence of the moon setting behind the hill. Since I didn’t know how much the moon moves in a given time span, I took an image every 30s. This was way too much. As it turned out, one image every 6 minutes is all I needed to create my little sequence.


PHOTO: Daniel Leu

UPDATED: Epic Pink and Yellow Textured Sunset, as Seen from Bernal


We had some friends over for dinner last night, so I couldn’t sneak up to Bernal Hill to shoot last night’s amazing sunset. But I watched it with a drink in my hand from the back yard — an awe-inspiring explosion of rich pinks and yellows, with rich textures created by a layer of high clouds.

Fortunately, Brian Hollinger was in position to get the shot you see above, while Rachel Balik Instagrammed the one below:

sunset.balikUPDATE: Our friends at @VisualSF shared this bonus photo, with is super-pink and super-textured. Wowzilla:



“Fake Dawn” on Bernal Hill Sees Sun Rise in Western Sky


We all know that the sun rises in the east (over Oakland), and sets in the west (over Twin Peaks) — right?

Yes! That’s true! But during this week’s huge full moon, Neighbor David witnessed a trick of the light that looked an awful lot like dawn emerging from the west:

I got this shot while walking my dog yesterday…

The full moon looks like the sun rising in the west over Noe Valley, as seen from the southwest corner of Bernal Hill!

PHOTO: Neighbor David

Meanwhile… Bernal Heights Is Just a Tiny Rock Traveling Through Deep Space

Moon and Venus over Bernal Heights

Amid the unpleasantness of current events, it’s good to remind ourselves where we stand right now…. in the grand scheme of things.

Photographer Daniel Leu snapped this remarkable photo of the Moon and Venus rising over setting above Bernal Hill last week:

 I saw the beautiful pastel colors in the sky, but didn’t have time to leave home to try to capture this. But a little bit later while preparing the BBQ to cook dinner, I saw the moon and Venus over Bernal Heights. This time I couldn’t let it go.

To assist our celestially-challenged readers, Bernalwood consulted with the experts from BASA’s Office of Astro-Navigational Cartography to provide this helpful orientation guide. Follow along:


PHOTO: Daniel Leu