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Time-Lapse Photo of Venus and Crescent Moon Over Bernal Hill Is Space-tacular

Last month, Potrero Hill photographer Daniel Leu snapped a terrific photo of the moon and Venus setting over Bernal Hill. This month, Leu ups the game with a new photo that shows the moon and venus in action again over Bernal Hill, in … Continue reading

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A Ridiculously Great Photo of the Recent Full Moon Rising

Wow. Peep this superb photo of the recent full moon as seen from Bernal Hill that “Lee Comma Dennis” shared via the Bernalwood Flickr Pool. Ridiculously great.

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UPDATED: Epic Pink and Yellow Textured Sunset, as Seen from Bernal

We had some friends over for dinner last night, so I couldn’t sneak up to Bernal Hill to shoot last night’s amazing sunset. But I watched it with a drink in my hand from the back yard — an awe-inspiring … Continue reading

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“Fake Dawn” on Bernal Hill Sees Sun Rise in Western Sky

We all know that the sun rises in the east (over Oakland), and sets in the west (over Twin Peaks) — right? Yes! That’s true! But during this week’s huge full moon, Neighbor David witnessed a trick of the light … Continue reading

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Meanwhile… Bernal Heights Is Just a Tiny Rock Traveling Through Deep Space

Amid the unpleasantness of current events, it’s good to remind ourselves where we stand right now…. in the grand scheme of things. Photographer Daniel Leu snapped this remarkable photo of the Moon and Venus rising over setting above Bernal Hill … Continue reading

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Robot Creates Intriguing Composite Photo of Bernal Heights

Yesterday I heard a tip about a fun little web-based photo tool thingy called Average that automatically merges a series of images to create a single blended composite. I then instructed the Average robot to select five recent images from … Continue reading

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Karl the Fog Wanted You to See These Photos of Bernal Heights

We don’t want to brag, so we’ll just tell it straight up: Celebrities dig us. It’s just true. Bernalwood is very popular among the celebrity set, and this week we got a very special celebrity shout-out from everyone’s favorite low-altitude … Continue reading

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