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It’s Official: Blackberry Season Underway in Bernal Heights

Bernalwood had been keeping the news to ourselves to suppress the competition, but the news is out now that @creativeholley posted the photo above from Bernal Hill. She says she’s “picking blackberries to make jam.” Yum! Truth be told, Bernalwood’s … Continue reading

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Artist Endures Cold, Hayfever to Paint Bernal Wildflowers

Neighbor Laurie painted this lovely watercolor atop Bernal Hill this week, but she suffered for her art: The wind was whipping the flowering weeds into a frenzy and I just had to stop and sketch the wildflowers, even though my … Continue reading

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Smutty Succulent Startles Visitor From Mission District

Us boring (but glamorous) Bernalfolk may get hyper-upset over a pile of┬ádumped trash, but our neighbors in the Mission District are normally a rather unflappable bunch. Yet during a recent walk through Bernal Heights, famous MissionMission celebrity blogger Vic Wong … Continue reading

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Now Showing: California Poppies on Bernal Hill

Tis the season for wild California Poppies, and Julie captured several beautiful specimens during a walk on Bernal Hill last weekend: The California State flower is the Eschscholzia californica. Known as the California Poppy or Golden Poppy, it is springing … Continue reading

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Unmoved Vehicle Generates New Life on Folsom

Neighbor Regina lives on a section of Folsom Street that does not have weekly street-cleaning parking requirements. Sometimes vehicles park on her street for a long time… so long, in fact, that enough time elapses for new forms of life … Continue reading

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Bernal Artist Seeks Help Identifying Lovely Yellow Flower

Reader Laurie has a question for the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency: Do you think any of your readers would be able to ID this yellow flower, sketched on the west side of the hill yesterday? The largest one was just over … Continue reading

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Walk (or Sing) Among the Wildflowers on Bernal Hill, Saturday

Spring has sprung, Bernal Hill is alive with the sound of music, and in conjunction with the Bernal History Project, Neighbor Rachel is leading a wildflower walk tomorrow morning: Wildflower Walk this Saturday, March 17th at 11:30 AM, Bernal Hill … Continue reading

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Tis the Season for Plum Blossoms in Bernal Heights

Neighbor Edward writes: I offer this view of the hill and plum blossoms for your consideration to do with as you will. Upon due consideration, the Bernalwood Curatorial Working Group has decided to publish your photo, sir, with gratitude and … Continue reading

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Get Help Planting a Sidewalk Garden in North Bernal

Neighbor Kim writes that Friends of the Urban Forest is offering assistance to North Bernalistas who want to install sidewalk gardens in front of their homes: Friends of the Urban Forest is doing two sidewalk plantings in Bernal in Feb/Mar … Continue reading

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Slimy Succulent Thieves Strike Again

It’s been a while since the last reported instance of residential succulent theft. But someone swiped some succulents from Neighbor Ashley’s sidewalk planter recently, and she’s hopping mad about it: Unfortunately I’m writing with some crappy news from our neighborhood. … Continue reading

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More Bernal Love in the New York Times

While you were resting and relaxing and not really paying attention to the media over the holiday, Bernalwood’s glamour-obsessed editorial team kept a vigilant eye on the news wire. Here’s one mention you may have missed. In the Bay Area … Continue reading

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Help Plant Green Things on Bernal Hill, Saturday

If you’re green thumb is itching, wander up to Bernal Hill on Saturday morning to participate in a volunteer planting organized by the City’s Recreation and Park Department. Rachel Kesel, your Bernal neighbor and the Rec and Park gardener assigned … Continue reading

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Alemany Farmer’s Market Report: New Neighbor Edition

Our new neighbor, photojournalist Adrian Mendoza, explored the Alemany Farmer’s Market last weekend: Made my first walk down to the farmers market – which was easy – the walk back up was the hard part (haha, I’d better get used … Continue reading

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