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UPDATED: Bernal Fathers Propose Happy “Manbaby” Billboard Alternative

Against the backdrop of the recent pro-life billboard hacking excitement on Cortland Avenue, Neighbor Chris joined forces with a few other Bernal dads to propose a new billboard design that would be a refreshing alternative: These are anxious times, and … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Billboard in Bernal Heights Replaced, Then Defaced Again (Rather Tastelessly)

There’s been a lively but considerate debate taking place in  the Bernalwood comment thread about the efficacy and ethics of the original Cortland pro-life billboard hack. In the meantime, however, CBS Outdoor replaced the hacked billboard image with a brand-new version … Continue reading

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Hackers “Redesign” Pro-Life Billboard on Cortland

Neighbor Jon writes… It did not take long for the right wing, anti-choice ad on Cortland at Andover to get a Bernal makeover. PHOTOS: Neighbor Jon

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Portola Planet Interviews Supervisor David Campos

Our friendly (if somewhat less glamorous) comrades from the Portola Planet recently trekked to City Hall for a sit-down interview with District 9 Supervisor David Campos. In the course of committing some actual journalism, the Portolans asked Campos about the … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Invisible Obamas Seen Relaxing in Bernal Heights

We’ve heard they’d planned to be in Charlotte, North Carolina this week, but Neighbor Chuck spotted the President and First Lady (!!!) taking in the view from atop the glamorous Helipad House in Upper Precitaville. He asks: The Obamas are … Continue reading

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Two Must-Read Articles by Bernal Heights Journalists

Though you’d hardly know it from the paltry number of then who have written for Bernalwood (AHEM! Hint! Hint!), Bernal Heights is home to several celebrity journalists who write for glamorous national publications. For example, Tim Dickinson is a contributing … Continue reading

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Peter Orner Ponders the Gentrification of Precita Park in the New York Times

Neighbor Peter Orner is a “bold-faced name” in the literary world and an esteemed Citizen of Bernalwood. From his home in North Bernal, he has been an eyewitness to the increasing glamification of Precita Park — a process that has included … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Nancy Pelosi Visits Bernalwood

Celebrity Alert! Bernal Heights was sooooo Inside the Beltway on Tuesday night, as SF Supervisor (and amateur paparazzi) Eric Mar reports that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dropped in for a house call: Democratic Leader Pelosi speaks briefly to local … Continue reading

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The Fight Is On to Secure the Future of St. Luke’s Hospital

Uncertainty about the future of St. Luke’s hospital in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone is holding up approval of the California Pacific Medical Center’s $2.5 billion hospital development plan. Supervisor David Campos and Mayor Ed Lee want guarantees that St. … Continue reading

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Today is an Election Day: Vote Early, Vote Bernal

Hello, Citizens of Bernalwood! This is a public service announcement to remind you that today is an Election Day. Get thee to your local polling place, and vote! UPDATE: The scene was typically Rockwellesque this morning on Precita Avenue: PHOTO: Telstar … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Is Perhaps the Only Part of the #Occupy Movement That Wasn’t Completely Useless

In hindsight, the Occupy movement was a big disappointment. When the movement first took hold last autumn, Occupy’s clever framing of economic issues as a contrast between the uber-affluent 1% of America’s population and the remaining 99% was a masterful … Continue reading

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Rainbowbama Smiles Upon Bernalwood

Here’s how one Bernal Heights household celebrated President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage this week. Wooohooo! Finally! Meanwhile, Bernalwood’s political analysts calculate that if Obama were to also a) endorse the decriminalization of marijuana, and b) criminalize carrying dogs in … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Progressives Adopt Resolution Supporting Suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

This week the progressive Bernal Heights Democratic Club issued a resolution in support of Ross Mirkarimi, the San Francisco Sheriff who was suspended from his post after pleading guilty to one count of false imprisonment stemming from a dispute he … Continue reading

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