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Tonight: “Gay Pasta Night” at Precita Park Cafe

Need a tasty dinner option tonight? Miss Dana from the Precita Park Cafe invites you to “Gay Pasta Night”: We are hosting a “Gay Pasta Night” at the cafe on Tuesday, October 8. We’ll serve homemade pasta, and portions of … Continue reading

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Bernal Neighbor Tim Redmond Will Launch New Progressive News Site

Though he rarely brags about it, progressive journalist Tim Redmond and Bay Area media celebrity lives in Bernal Heights. For 31 years, Neighbor Tim edited the stalwart San Francisco Bay Guardian — until last June, when he parted ways with the … Continue reading

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D9 Supervisor David Campos Will Run for State Assembly

District 9 Supervisor David Campos will seek a seat in the California Assembly. The news comes via the SF Appeal: San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is announcing today that he will run for state Assembly. Campos, who represents San Francisco’s … Continue reading

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To the Polls, Citizens of Bernalwood!

It’s Election Day, Citizens, so don’t forget to vote! Brought to you this morning by Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter, who endorsed this message.

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Mossie 2012: Mutant Bernal Heights Moss Creature Launches Bold Campaign for White House

From his covert utility-meter lair hidden inside an otherwise typical home on Bocana Street, Mossquatch, Bernal’s favorite mutant Bryophyta-Homo Sapien hybrid, has launched a daring campaign to become the next President of the United States. We have no information on Mossquatch’s … Continue reading

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Supervisor David Campos Explains His Vote to Reinstate Ross Mirkarimi as Sheriff

With District 9 Supervisor David Campos casting a deciding vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors moved to reinstate Ross Mirkarimi as Sheriff yesterday, despite Mirkarimi’s guilty plea to charges of false imprisonment, and despite the City Ethics Commission’s determination … Continue reading

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It Is Gone: Old Bernal Heights Library Mural Painted Over

After a long and difficult community-focused mediation process, followed by additional delays triggered by opponents, the old Bernal Library mural was finally painted over today. Next steps? Artist Ruben Rude will begin painting the Moultrie-side portion of the mural. Precita Eyes … Continue reading

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Neighbor David Talbot Laments the Tech-Fueled Gentrification of Bernal Heights

Yesterday’s post about the impact the Silicon Valley commuter shuttle network is having on Bernal Heights pairs neatly with the article by Bernal neighbor David Talbot that appears on the cover of the current issue of San Francisco magazine. Under … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce That Makes “Occupy Bernal” Effective

There’s an interesting new article on the KALW website that seeks to explain why, unlike so much of the Occupy movement, “Occupy  Bernal Heights” has actually been rather effective. The secret, it turns out, is a door-to-door, block-by-block focus on local communities: … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Bernal Fathers Propose Happy “Manbaby” Billboard Alternative

Against the backdrop of the recent pro-life billboard hacking excitement on Cortland Avenue, Neighbor Chris joined forces with a few other Bernal dads to propose a new billboard design that would be a refreshing alternative: These are anxious times, and … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Billboard in Bernal Heights Replaced, Then Defaced Again (Rather Tastelessly)

There’s been a lively but considerate debate taking place in  the Bernalwood comment thread about the efficacy and ethics of the original Cortland pro-life billboard hack. In the meantime, however, CBS Outdoor replaced the hacked billboard image with a brand-new version … Continue reading

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Hackers “Redesign” Pro-Life Billboard on Cortland

Neighbor Jon writes… It did not take long for the right wing, anti-choice ad on Cortland at Andover to get a Bernal makeover. PHOTOS: Neighbor Jon

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Portola Planet Interviews Supervisor David Campos

Our friendly (if somewhat less glamorous) comrades from the Portola Planet recently trekked to City Hall for a sit-down interview with District 9 Supervisor David Campos. In the course of committing some actual journalism, the Portolans asked Campos about the … Continue reading

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