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Your Bonkers Bernal Heights Real Estate Report for Early Autumn 2014

Let’s check in on the state of our residential real estate market, shall we? The data-trackers at Downing and Company did one of their occasional Bernal Heights home sales roundups for July 2014, and this is what they found: Home prices … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights 1BR Apartment Rental Prices Double In Three Years

*sigh* This is not the sort of news Bernalwood likes to share, yet share it we must — because it is happening whether we like it or not. Or rather, it happened. You see, during the last three years, the price … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Lives Up to “Hottest Neighborhood” Hype, Despite Ongoing Ambivalence

You may recall that awkward moment last winter when the real estate gurus at Redfin decided to honor and torment us by naming Bernal Heights the Hottest Neighborhood in the Entire Galaxy. Since then, the Citizens of Bernalwood have struggled with a deep sense of ambivalence … Continue reading

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Airbnb Hosts Stage Backyard Rally in Bernal Heights

In addition to the counter-protest at Planned Parenthood, there was another demonstration event in Bernal Heights yesterday, but this second action was taken by neighbors who generate income by renting out space in their homes for vacation rentals. They call themselves Fair to Share San … Continue reading

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Boozy Miscreants Use Dormant Home as Million-Dollar Party Shack

It is 2014 and San Francisco is booming, housing is scarce, real estate is ridiculously expensive, and Bernal Heights is officially the sexiest neighborhood in the entire galaxy. And yet, somehow, in the middle of all this, it’s still possible for … Continue reading

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Guess Which San Francisco Neighborhood Has Homes That Sell for the Most Over Asking Price?

No commentary. Let’s just get to the grubby business. From the San Francisco Chronicle: An astounding 90% of San Francisco homes sold at or over their asking prices in the second quarter of 2014, according to data compiled by Paragon Real Estate. … Continue reading

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Occupy Bernal Disavows Rogue Graffiti on Peralta Home

Over the weekend a home on the 600 block of Peralta Avenue in Bernal Heights was tagged with Occupy Bernal Heights graffiti, prompting several neighbors to share photos of the damage with Bernalwood. Graffiti seems incongruent with the above-board (and generally impressive) tactics of … Continue reading

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