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Bernal Neighbor’s Research Links Smarter Brain to Longer Life

This story slipped between the cracks a few weeks ago, but fortunately it’s as timeless as life itself… In early May, a team of UCSF researchers published published an article that identified a gene which enables both high cognitive functioning and unusual longevity. In … Continue reading

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NPR Spotlights Science Education for Bernal Students

National media alert! On NPR’s Morning Edition this week, a group of students at Bernal’s Paul Revere School were the focus of a story by Eric Westervelt about Mission Science Workshop, an innovative program to make science education more unboring: … Continue reading

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Time-Lapse Photo of Venus and Crescent Moon Over Bernal Hill Is Space-tacular

Last month, Potrero Hill photographer Daniel Leu snapped a terrific photo of the moon and Venus setting over Bernal Hill. This month, Leu ups the game with a new photo that shows the moon and venus in action again over Bernal Hill, in … Continue reading

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Meanwhile… Bernal Heights Is Just a Tiny Rock Traveling Through Deep Space

Amid the unpleasantness of current events, it’s good to remind ourselves where we stand right now…. in the grand scheme of things. Photographer Daniel Leu snapped this remarkable photo of the Moon and Venus rising over setting above Bernal Hill … Continue reading

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New Evidence Supports Theory That Mars Rover Mission Is Actually a Bernal Hill Hoax

David L. Kutzler, Major (Ret.), USAF lives in Tucson, Arizona, but he is a Bernalwood reader, and has been closely following the recent allegations of a government hoax to conceal evidence that NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is not really roving … Continue reading

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Bernalwood’s Rainbow Situation Room Tracks Effects of Multiple Rainbow Strikes Across Bernal Heights

It was a very busy Saturday at the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility. As a series of intense storms brought rain to Bernal Heights, intermittent periods of sunshine generated primary and secondary rainbow aftershocks across our neighborhood. Using the latest … Continue reading

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Visualizing Bernal Heights After Lots and Lots of Sea-Level Rise

Burrito Justice, chief spokesblogger for the La Lengua separatists, recently joined forces with Brian Stokle to provide a detailed examination of what San Francisco would look like following significant sea-level rise caused by global climate change. As you may recall, … Continue reading

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Rainbow Alert! Exceptionally Fortuitous “Triple Twelve” Double Rainbow Spreads Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

This morning at approximately 8:08 am, scientists at the Bernal Heights Prismatic Observatory recorded a massive Category 4 rainbow arcing across the northern sky, just west of Mission Street. At the same time, a faint, secondary halo was seen just … Continue reading

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New Technology Lets BASA Astronomer Sip Coffee While Exploring Vast, Distant Galaxies

Neighbor Clifton, Chief of Astronomical Research for the Bernal Aeronautics and Space Administration (BASA), recently acquired some new gear which significantly expands his ability to explore the far reaches of the universe from the safety and comfort of the Bernal … Continue reading

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Junior Science Team Explores Puddles at Precita Playground

Last weekend’s heavy rains were good new for flowers, foliage… and small children. During a lull in the rains on Saturday, Neighbor Kristen led a team of aspiring Bernal Heights scientists on a mission to the Precita Park playground: Neighbors … Continue reading

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Astronomer Explores Lunar Surface and Jupiter from Bernal Heights Observatory

While you were enjoying the warm weather earlier this week, your neighborhood aeronautics and space agency was hard at work exploring the solar system. Neighbor Clifton, Chief of Astronomical Research for the Bernal Aeronautics and Space Administration (BASA), files this … Continue reading

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Threat or Menace? Bernalwood Mounts New Defense to Counter La Lengua’s Burrito Rail Gun

Those uppity La Lenguans have become uppity again, as the militarization of the La Lengua Autonomous Zone continues. Earlier this week, the La Lengua rebel propagandist known as Burrito Justice claimed to have developed a new superweapon, in the form … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Shuttle Endeavour Soars Over Bernal Heights

Well, that was rather epic, wasn’t it? When we told you yesterday that the pilot of the Boeing 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be thinking of Bernal Heights as he flew over San Francisco, we weren’t kidding. But … Continue reading

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