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Register Now to Participate in the 2013 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale

It’s that cathartic time of year again… time to purge all the excess crap in your life by selling it off to some other sucker bargain-hunter during the annual Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale. This year the hillwide sale will … Continue reading

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BYO-Bagism Up in Bernal Heights, Plus: Get a Free Canvas Tote This Weekend

It’s been three weeks since the city instituted its 10-cent minimum charge for┬ácompostable, recycled paper, or reusable sacks at the checkout counter, and so far the policy seems to be an easy pill for Bernal Heights to swallow. (No big … Continue reading

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Reminder: Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale Happens on Saturday

This is a last call announcement for potential garage sale hosts, and a reminder for aspiring bargain-hunters: The annual Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale happens tomorrow, Saturday, August 11! If you want to sell off some of your stuff, the … Continue reading

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Merchant vs. Merchant on Precita Park

Recent visitors to the Harvest Hills Market on the southwest corner of Precita Park may have noticed an odd sign in the window. The sign shows a picture of Charlie, the vintage tuna mascot, along with Starkist’s venerable motto, “Sorry … Continue reading

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Micro-Interview: Thanksgiving Day at the Good Life

A last-minute scramble for a pie tin (grasshopper pie… mmmmm!) occasioned a Thanksgiving Day visit to the Good Life Grocery. The perfect excuse for a micro-interview! Bernalwood: Anything been flying off the shelves today? Manager Frank: Turkeys! The owners picked … Continue reading

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The Bernal Bucks Card Stars in Today’s Wall Street Journal

Well, what do you know? There’s a big article about the Bernal Bucks card in today’s Wall Street Journal: In June, a group of businesses in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood started signing up residents for a debit card that … Continue reading

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Alemany Farmer’s Market Report: “Berry Hip” July Edition

It’s grey, cold, and cloudy today in Bernalwood, but (lest we forget) it’s sunny and hot outside the City. And that means it’s prime season for mid-summer produce at the Alemany Farmer’s Market. Woo-hoo! I dropped by Alemany on Saturday … Continue reading

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Alemany Flea Market Report: Early June 2011

I had a few minutes to spare on Sunday morning en route to taking Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter to a birthday party in Sunnyside, so we made a quick detour into the Alemany flea market to sample the selection. Despite the … Continue reading

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Alemany Flea Market Report: Rainy May Edition

During a break in the Sunday morning rain, I made a quick run down to the Alemany Flea Market for a routine check-in. The drizzle definitely put a damper on the selection, but a few goodies caught my eye — … Continue reading

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Alemany Flea Market Report: February Fun in the Sun Edition

The weather last weekend was glorious, and my 3 year-old insisted that she needed a watch. (“Can I get one that has numbers??” she asked hopefully.)┬áSo off to the Alemany Flea Market we went. We quickly found the perfect watch … Continue reading

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