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Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times

Stars collide, galaxies collapse, websites fall over, and the macroeconomic forces of global capitalism grind inexorably onward. Yet all is well in Bernal Heights, because there’s been a sighting of the legendary Bikini Jogger. A Bernal neighbor shared this snap … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Your 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass

Hello Skiers and Snowboarders! It’s been cold, and it’s been wet, which means conditions have never been better at Ski Bernalwood, San Francisco’s finest wintersports resort destination. Right now we’ve got a 41″ base with powder and packed powder on … Continue reading

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Absurdly Cute Bernal Doggie Preps for NFL Playoffs

The Niners are in the playoffs! Yaaay, sports! The action starts next weekend, but this little fella can hardly wait for the postseason. PHOTO: Dunupboutique

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Giants World Series Victory Triggers Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

Oh, hey… didya hear? The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series. Seriously! Afterward, fans in Bernal Heights were just a little bit excited. I took in the scene from the corner of Mission and Precita, where revelers set … Continue reading

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After Giants Win, a Gangnam Style Air Raid Celebration on Cortland

Wooooooo! Wow! The Giants are headed to the World Series. Again.¬†Woooooooooo! I was at Wild Side West on Cortland when the final out clinched the Giants’ victory in Game 7 of the NLCS, and the scene was rather wonderful. Immediately … Continue reading

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Nature Celebrates Baseball Victory with Giants-Themed Sunrise

Neighbors Anita and Chuck were up early this morning, in time to notice that Mother Nature decided to celebrate last night’s spectacular Giants win by giving Bernal Heights a spectacular orange sunrise. We are fortunate to have such good friends … Continue reading

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The Stray Bar Brunch: PBR, Football, and Free Hot Dogs

If it fills you with existential dread to contemplate the idea of spending yet another Sunday brunch nibbling on free-range organic buttermilk pancakes while chatting idly about the latest New York Times Magazine cover story, you’ll be pleased to know … Continue reading

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