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Apple Makes Life Unpleasant for a Bernal Heights App Developer

Neighbors Jon and Liz aren’t the only Bernalese who have been making a splash on Ellsworth Street. Neighbor Greg Gardner is a software developer who also lives on Ellsworth, just a block north of Jon and Liz. He writes to tell us … Continue reading

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Air Combat: Precita Park and the Civic Politics of Drones

Well, since we already live in the future, this was probably inevitable… While Bernal neighbors conduct an ongoing conversation about the social norms associated with the presence of dogs in Precita Park, Neighbor Ruby reports that some Bernal residents are also trying … Continue reading

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New, High-Tech Solar Streetlight May Deter Illegal Dumpers. Maybe.

The north entrance to Bernal Heights Park has been the site of many illegal dumping attacks, over the years, all done under the cover of darkness. But a new high-tech solar-powered streetlight should make the parking area a bit less … Continue reading

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Smile! Look Happy! Google Street View Car Surveys Bernal

Hopefully you brushed your sidewalks and flossed your expansion joints recently, because several neighbors spotted the Google Street View car in Bernal Heights over the weekend, presumably to update our visual data to reflect our look in late 2013. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Hurry! Go See “First” by Bernal Playwright Evy Pine Before Nov. 10

Neighbor Laurie urges one and all to see the Bernal-born play that’s currently on stage at Stagewerx, depicting a day in the life of Bill Gates (before he was BILL GATES): We went yesterday to see “First” at Stagewerx theater … Continue reading

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Drone Video Filmed Over Bernal Hill Lets You Experience the View Like Local Avian Wildlife

Nathan Shipley just earned his wings with the Bernalwood Air Force. Specificially, Nathan just established his credentials to lead the BAF’s Division of Drone Cinematography and Surveillance (BAFDoDCaS), and he did so in fashionable style by sharing some amazing footage … Continue reading

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How To iPlayDate: Bernal Neighbor Creates App to Connect Local Families with Kids

The Citizens of Bernalwood should be proud of our locavore technologists. They build many amazing things, many of which are inspired by local conditions. The newest piece of amazing locavore software is an iPhone/iPad app called KangaDo, which is a … Continue reading

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