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Star Sighting: Shuttle Endeavour Soars Over Bernal Heights

Well, that was rather epic, wasn’t it? When we told you yesterday that the pilot of the Boeing 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be thinking of Bernal Heights as he flew over San Francisco, we weren’t kidding. But … Continue reading

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BASA Visits NASA to Say Farewell to Space Shuttle Endeavor

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Today, as you read this now, a representative from BASA, Bernal’s very own space agency, is visiting a facility operated by NASA, that *other* space agency you may have heard about. Specifically, … Continue reading

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What Neighborhood Is This? Bernal Resident Creates iPhone App to Find Out

We are a forward-looking community, here in Bernal Heights. We may prefer our meat butchered mid-20th century style, but when it comes to the latest Intertube technologies, Bernal Heights is very much on the cutting edge.  So when Neighbor Isaac, … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Looks Magical from International Space Station

Fellow Bernalnauts, here is  VERY unusual view of our glamorous neighborhood. This photo was taken two days ago by European astronaut André Kuipers, who is currently living aboard the International Space Station, roughly 224 miles above the summit of Bernal Hill. … Continue reading

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Google Maps Renders Bernal Heights in 8-Bit Nintendo-Vision

It’s unclear if it was an April Fool’s stunt or just a wild flight of geek fancy, but last weekend Google Maps released a version of its online mapping system that optimizes the  service for display on the 8-bit Nintendo … Continue reading

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“Eye of Sautrito” Proposed to Halt Illegal Dumping on Bernal Hill

While Bernalwood readers debate the wisdom of installing security cameras along Bernal Heights Boulevard to deter illegal dumping, Neighbor Joe Thomas has developed  a high-tech alternative: The Eye of Sautrito! Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and developed by Raytheon in collaboration … Continue reading

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Bernal Software Developer Creates “Top 10 iPad App of 2011″

Locavore technology alert! Neighbor Moshen calls our attention to the fact that the iPad/iPhone app he developed was named a Top 10 iPad App for 2011 in The New York Times. I’ve lived here for almost ten years and am … Continue reading

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Futuristic Airship Scouts Locations for Bernal Air Terminal

Neighbor Catherine spotted the Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT yesterday as it made an early-evening cruise over Bernalwood. She says: “Blimp, Bernal, Sunset…. Ooooh!” Ooooh! Definitely. But “blimp?” Well, not quite. For those keeping score at home, the Zeppelin is a … Continue reading

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Who Is Flying Over Bernal Heights (And Where They Are Going)?

After I got home late last Friday night, I wandered into my back yard for a moment to savor the silvery light of the full moon. But I also got a bonus treat: I watched a jet pass by high … Continue reading

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Will Zynga, Yelp, and Facebook IPOs Influence Bernal Heights Real Estate?

I’ll let you decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Or it may just be a force of nature. But if our friends at Curbed SF are right, some parts of The City may soon experience … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff: Bernal Kids Test Frontiers of Outer Space

Last weekend, a few paternal units from the Bernal Dads Racing Team assembled at a secret local spaceport to do some amateur rocketry with the kids. Overall the effort was a success. Many rockets were launched, and the kids demonstrated … Continue reading

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Bernal Man May Sue Apple Over Search for Missing iPhone 5

Later this morning, Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 5. At the instant when the new gadget is unveiled, the incident involving the purported loss of an iPhone 5 prototype that resulted in the search of a Bernal … Continue reading

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Small Camera Captures Big Scene from Bernal Hill

Check out this very simple, very lovely photo @isaach took yesterday from atop Bernal Hill… with his iPhone. Really, it never ceases to amaze me that our phones have become powerful creative tools. Think about it: If you had walked … Continue reading

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