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Tonight: Party at The New Wheel to Celebrate a Homegrown Electric Bike

Miss Karen Wiener, co-founder of the newfangled (and devilishly successful) New Wheel electric bicycle shop on Cortland, shares news that there’s a party at the store beginning at 6 pm tonight to celebrate the release of the Faraday Porteur,  a supersexy new ebike … Continue reading

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New Wheel Offers Free eBike Loaners During Bike to Work Week

Miss Karen from The New Wheel, our newfangled electric bike shop on Cortland, writes to share a cool opportunity to borrow one of their impressive ebikes — for free! — during Bike to Work Week: We have partnered with a bicycle company called Felt … Continue reading

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Tuesday: Meeting to Discuss Rerouting the Muni 67 Bus on Ripley Street

There’s been a long-simmering dispute between a group of north Bernal neighbors and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency over the location of the existing 67 Muni bus stop on Ripley Street near Folsom. Bernalwood is told that a group of neighbors … Continue reading

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Heartfelt Introduces Citywide Delivery Service via Newfangled Electric Bike

Miss Darcy from Heartfelt on Cortland wrote Bernalwood to give us the scoop on Heartfelt’s new online store and the eco-sexy bicycle delivery service that will support it around town: Heartfelt is proud to announce the launch of their online … Continue reading

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Bernal Writer Wonders, “Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?”

Writer Dan Duane is a proud resident of Greater Cortlandia, and in last Sunday’s New York Times, he wrote a provocative essay about imbalances in the US legal system that allow many motorists to face few penalties when collisions with … Continue reading

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Lost: Young Aviator Seeks Assistance in Aircraft Recovery Effort

Well, independent of anything else that may be going on in the world right now, I think we can all agree that this is no fun: Neighbor Nasen got his remote-controlled airplane stuck in a tree over the weekend: Hello. … Continue reading

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Muni Bus Backs into Parked Car, Ruins Morning for Bernal Car Owner and Many Commuters

There was gnashing of teeth (and sheetmetal) on Mission Street this morning as a 14 Limited Muni bus evvvvver sooooo slooooowly  backed into a Bernal neighbor’s parked car — while the owner of the car reportedly watched in horror, shouting “”Stop! … Continue reading

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Parked Motorcycle Is Rorschach Test for Nearby Neighbors

It’s not just cars that attract snippy notes about long-term parking; motorcycles receive them too. Neighbor Fiid noticed a running series of notes plastered on a motorcycle on Bennington Street. Apart from the initial complaint written on the note above, … Continue reading

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Muni Plan Will Give Bernal Heights the Short Bus

Neighbor Keith is a valiant regular aboard Muni’s 67 Bernal bus line, and he’s rather unthrilled about a service change announced this week: As a daily rider of the 67 – San Francisco’s friendliest bus route – I’m used to … Continue reading

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Persistent Neighbor Declares Victory in Bus Shelter Quest

There’s a sexxxy new bus shelter on Mission Street at 30th, and you have Neighbor Robert to thank for it: I forwarded a note to you many months ago, as I was looking for community support ahead of a city … Continue reading

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Bernal Journalist Publishes New Story About Madman Who (Literally) Drove Around the World

Here’s a locavore longread to carry you through the weekend. Bernal Heights writer and anticool motorist James Nestor has just published a terrific new story over at the Atavist. It’s a true tale of adventure and obsession (though not necessarily … Continue reading

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Newfangled Electric Bike Hauls Xmas Cheer Up Bernal Hill

In days of yore, Bernal Heights residents brought their Christmas trees home either by recruiting teams of reindeer to haul the trees up Bernal Hill or by strapping the trees to the roofs of their internal-combustion vehicles. But that was … Continue reading

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Neighbor Offers Ten Reasons Why New Muni Bus Stop on Crescent Really Sucks

The SFMTA plans to relocate a bus stop on Crescent at Anderson, and Neighbor Ryon feels under-consulted. He writes: Two weeks ago the MTA put up a sign to announce that the 23 line bus stop would move to a … Continue reading

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