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Lost Big Rig Uses Bernal Hill as Temporary Truck Stop

Oopsie! A lost semi truck got very very stuck in the upper reaches of Bernal Hill on Saturday night. Neighbor Mark tells the story: A semi with a loooong trailer found itself unable to remove itself from the intersection of … Continue reading

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Bernal Resident Creates RidePal, a Private-Shuttle Alternative for Everyone Else

Lately we have been somewhat obsessed with the secret network of private shuttles that ferry Google, Apple, Yahoo, and eBay employees to and from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But what if you commute down the Peninsula, but don’t work … Continue reading

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Fashionable Photo Shoot at the Coso Street Cable Car Stop

Exciting news for Bernal Heights commuters: We just got a new cable car stop on Coso! Neighbor Becky filed this report yesterday: Cable cars on Coso street? Imagine my surprise to see a cable car running on Coso St. this … Continue reading

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Bernal Biker Puts Buddhist Voodoo Hex on Motorcycle Vandal

The awesome note shown here was spotted this morning in Bernal, near Coleridge and Virginia. It seems that one of our neighborhood motorcycle owners had a spark plug stolen yesterday, and in response, said motorcycle owner placed a diabolical hex … Continue reading

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Tech Shuttle Transit Map Reveals Hidden Logic of the Bernal Heights Real Estate Market

As Bernalwood has previously noted, there are some hidden dynamics at work in the North Bernal real estate market along the Cesar Chavez corridor, where home-price inflation has been fueled in part by the neighborhood’s proximity to the private shuttle-bus … Continue reading

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Star Sighting: Shuttle Endeavour Soars Over Bernal Heights

Well, that was rather epic, wasn’t it? When we told you yesterday that the pilot of the Boeing 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be thinking of Bernal Heights as he flew over San Francisco, we weren’t kidding. But … Continue reading

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BASA Visits NASA to Say Farewell to Space Shuttle Endeavor

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Today, as you read this now, a representative from BASA, Bernal’s very own space agency, is visiting a facility operated by NASA, that *other* space agency you may have heard about. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Crescent Neighbors Say New 23 Muni Bus Stop Really Sucks

A Muni bus stop was relocated recently on Crescent Avenue at Ellsworth, and the natives are not happy. Bernalwood has received multiple complaints about the location of the new bus stop, and here is Neighbor Michael’s summary of the situation: There’s … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill Makes Cameo Appearance Amid Muni Bus Mayhem

Our transit agency encountered a teensy-weensy glitch yesterday, when a Muni bus took out a fire hydrant on Valencia near Cesar Chavez. Ooopsie! As you can see, Sutrito Tower witnessed the whole thing. Meanwhile, in the category of “Finding Beauty … Continue reading

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Cyclist Hit by Car at Cortland and Bayshore

From the SF Weekly: A cyclist was taken to the hospital this morning after being hit by a car at the corner of Cortland Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard. Officer Gordon Shyy had very little information at this time, but said the … Continue reading

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Aviation Disaster at the Alemany Flea Market

There was a big plane crash at the Alemany Flea Market last Sunday. Sprawling across several display tables, one of the merchants was selling dozens and dozens and dozens of scale plastic model airplanes. The models had all come from … Continue reading

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Bernal’s 67 Muni Bus Is Not Swift, But Often On Time

The 67 Muni bus is neither fast, nor frequent. But when it comes, it often comes on schedule. Neighbor Amanda tells us: Hey, our fabulous neighborhood bus line is one of the best-performing (on-time) citywide. So we’ve got that going … Continue reading

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Stealth Aircraft Captured Flying Over Bernal Heights

A planespotter affiliated with the Bernalwood Air Force captured something rather unusual this morning: Just got back from breakfast with a friend, and we were checking out the city view from my back set of stairs.  To the east we … Continue reading

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