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Your Bernal Heights Crime Report for March, 2014: Stats Show Improving Trends, Recent Unpleasantness Notwithstanding

Let’s not dance around it: From a crime and tranquility perspective, the last few weeks have really really sucked. In the meantime, however, Neighbors Sarah and Edie attended the monthly SFPD Ingleside community meeting, and they shared their (typically) wonderful notes on local crime trends, … Continue reading

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Inspiring Sidewalk Graffiti Asserts Bernal Heights Hegemony

Though at first blush it looks like the kind of thing that might have been created by the Bernal Heights Chapter of the Young Nietzscheans, this sidewalk aphorism photographed in Bernal by varsovienne is actually a quote from Marianne Williamson’s 1992 book A … Continue reading

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¡Oh Dios mío! Dr. Rick’s Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Benefit Event in Bernal on Saturday Afternoon

As a general principle, it should not require much coaxing to persuade you to attend a simple, old-fashioned afternoon of Lucha Libre Mexican Wresting right here in Bernal Heights this Saturday. Especially when you consider that the event is a benefit for a … Continue reading

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KQED Obtains Police Dispatch Recordings from Alex Nieto Shooting

KQED has obtained and released recordings of SFPD dispatch radio activity surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Bernal resident Alex Nieto on March 21: The radio chatter started about 7:11 p.m. on March 21. Dispatch relays a call to Ingleside Station police, describing … Continue reading

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Thursday: Bernal Filmmaker to Have Glamorous SF Premiere for New Documentary

Neighbor Samantha Grant feels like she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months, because she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months. Instead, she’s been busy jetting from film fest to film fest with … Continue reading

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Family of Alex Nieto Begins Legal Action Against City

Bernal resident Alex Nieto was killed on Bernal Hill following an officer-involved shooting on March 21. Yesterday, attorney John Burris filed a lawsuit on behalf of Nieto’s family seeking to compel the City to provide additional information about the circumstances surrounding his death. The SF … Continue reading

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Selfie Drone Video Reminds Us That to Stand on Bernal Hill Is to Have a Commanding View of a Tiny Rock Hurtling Through the Cold Vacuum of Space

Check out this insanely wonderful selfie drone video created by FOBernalwood Amit Gupta. PRO TIP: Go full screen!!! Wow. Hat Tip: Vic Wong

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Neighbor Laurie Wigham’s Original Watercolors on Display at Bernal Library

Neighbor Laurie Wigham should need no interaction to in-the-know Bernalwood readers, because her terrific watercolors of scenes around Bernal Hill have brought a lot of smiles to our faces. Now some of  Neighbor Laurie’s watercolor are on display in the Bernal … Continue reading

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Woman Found Dead in Minivan at Safeway Parking Lot

A strange and upsetting story unfolded yesterday afternoon at the Taoist Safeway on Mission Street. A woman was found dead in her car in the Safeway parking lot. Neighbor Valerie was on the scene, and she says foul play does not … Continue reading

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Clever Map Reveals Geography of Bernal Heights Coffee Shops

Some clever data-visualization geeks at MIT have created a very cool new map that reveals the social geography of San Francisco coffee shops. A Bernalwood-enhanced look at our portion of the map reveals which parts of Bernal align most organically with each of our local coffee … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights, This Cat Is Watching You. Always. Watching. You.

Neighbor Shannon shared this photo of her cat in the Bernalwood Flickr group. Thanks Shannon! This cat appears to spend a lot of time staring at Bernal Hill. We also suspect the creature may mumble anxiously about “the preciousssssss.”

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Baby Snake Greets Bernal Neighbor on Front Steps

Last night, Neighbor Kendall found a lurker on his front steps: I came home from picking my daughter up from soccer around 6 pm and found this little baby on our front steps on the North Slope. We are aways … Continue reading

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New Blog Documents Renovation of Old House on Bennington

Remember that sad house on Bennington Street that was offered for rent in November 2013 for the plutocratic sum of $9999 per month? Unsurprisingly, no one took the then-landlord up on that offer. So a few weeks later, the home was put on … Continue reading

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