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Your Official Guide to the Real Microhoods of Bernal Heights

Yesterday, realtor Eileen Bermingham posted an article about the geographic subregions that exist in Bernal Heights: Bernal Heights has many distinct areas within its neighborhood. From the hip enclave of Precita Park to the winding streets on the East Slope, … Continue reading

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If You Buy This 1968 Ford F250 in Bernal Heights, It Will Change Your Life

If the whole Prius scene is starting to seem a little passé, and the Tesla thing is a little too rich, and the Mazda5 minivan still feels a little emasculating (even with the manual transmission), have no fear! Someone in … Continue reading

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Potrero Photographer Captures Spooky Bernal Hill Moonrise

Bernalwood loves the work of photographer Daniel Leu, because he doesn’t live in Bernal. What we mean is… it would be great if he did live in Bernal. But he doesn’t. Instead, Daniel hails from Potrero, so instead of taking … Continue reading

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You’re Invited to the Glamorous Leonard R. Flynn School Fundraiser, Saturday

The PTA at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School on Precita Park is having their annual fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday March 15. Neighbor Jeff extends the invitation: This Saturday night the Leonard R. Flynn PTA will be hosting its 3rd annual “Viva … Continue reading

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If San Francisco Is Becoming New York? And If So, What Is Bernal Heights Becoming?

This week, New York magazine, which is rather popular in (wait for it…) New York, decided to do a special series of articles about San Francisco under a banner that asks, “Is San Francisco New York?“ Your Bernalwood editor has … Continue reading

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Loudmouth Bernal Heights Frogs Want Sex, Won’t Shut Up

Everyone knows Bernal Heights is home to lots of dogs. And some cats. And some dissident parrots. But Neighbor Lori is playing host to some really chatty Bernal Heights frogs: They are Pacific Chorus Frogs, in my backyard pond. It … Continue reading

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Two Quirky Bernal Heights Houses, Now for Sale

Two homes have come up for sale in Bernal Heights, and both are rather unique. We’ll start with 4021 Folsom, a wacky little house that has always appealed to Neighbor Victoria. She lives on Precita, but she passes this place on … Continue reading

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Starting TONIGHT: Stand-Up Comedy at the Lucky Horseshoe

As if living in Bernal Heights wasn’t comedy enough, there’s a new stand-up comedy night happening at the Lucky Horseshoe on Cortland every Tuesday this month, starting TONIGHT, Tuesday March 4. The evenings are called Comedy at Dusk, and co-host … Continue reading

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Rainbow Alert! Downtown Rainbow Strike Observed from Bernal Hill

Rainbow Alert! Rainbow Alert! Rainbow Alert! The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility is tracking a Category Four rainbow event that was captured moments ago by Neighbor Kendall’s 11 year-old daughter. Initial calculations suggest the rainbow may have touched down in the Financial District. … Continue reading

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Dialog Between Housing Rights Activists and Tech Workers Yields Little Dialog

There was a community discussion of sorts in Bernal Heights on Tuesday night. The topic was gentrification, evictions, and technology workers — and the interrelationship between the three — and the discussion took place at Virgil’s, the tasty new(isn) bar … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Explosion, Fire in Bayshore Alarms Bernal Neighbors

Details are just beginning to stream in, but a massive explosion and fire in the Bayshore District has created huge plumes of smoke visible over Bernal Heights. The SFFD is responding a three-alarm blaze at an auto body shop on … Continue reading

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First Openly Gay American Idol Contestant Raised in Bernal Heights

Neighbor Barbara brings the glamorous TV celebrity news that Emkay Nobilette, a contestant on the current American Idol, is an OG Bernal native: I noticed on sfgate that an SF kid made the top 30. I sent the link to … Continue reading

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Starting Tonight: Beer Week Events at Precita Park Cafe and Rock Bar

What? You never got around to booking your tickets to Sochi? Which means you missed the opportunity to party with Olympians while having your smartphone hacked by Russian cybterthieves? Lucky for you it’s Beer Week in San Francisco, and two … Continue reading

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