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New Video Profiles Miss Darcy from Heartfelt

As part of his ongoing video series about Bernal Heights personalities, Neighbor Steve Sisler points his camera at Neighbor Darcy Lee, the glamorous proprietor of Heartfelt on Cortland: Serving the residents of Bernal Heights for over 22 years, Heartfelt is … Continue reading

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A Video of Yesterday’s Colossal Moonrise, as Seen from Bernal Hill

Yesterday at dusk, Bernalwood contributor Joe “Jobius” Thomas captured a terrific time-lapse video of the moon rising behind Mount Diablo, as seen from his Observation Post on the eastern slope of Bernal Hill. It was an exceptionally large moonrise, in … Continue reading

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New Video Profiles Lisa Moro of Inclusions Gallery

As part of his ongoing series of video profiles about creative people in Bernal Heights, Neighbor Steve Sisler recently released a new piece about Lisa Moro of the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland: Lisa Moro began curating shows at the Inclusions … Continue reading

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Neighbor Explains 45 Years of Bernal Heights History in 56 Seconds

Neighbor Ralph lives a few doors down from me in Precitaville, and he’s been here for a long time. His father bought the house he lives in now back in 1943 with money he made working as a laborer at Fort … Continue reading

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New Drone Video Shows Amazing Views Over Bernal Hill

Amazing things are happening these days when people combine inexpensive drone technology with inexpensive compact video cameras. reached out to Bernalwood this week to share a stunning aerial video captured over Bernal Hill on a recent morning from a … Continue reading

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New Video Documents “The Great Bernal Heights Renegade Piano Recital”

Something magical happened on June 28, after a few clever people got the clever idea to haul a piano to the top of Bernal Hill and stage an ad hoc hilltop recital on a (blessedly) warm and welcoming evening. The … Continue reading

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See “The Artist & The Angel,” a Film from the 2013 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema in Precita Park

  In case you missed it, this short film was one of my favorites at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema screening in Precita Park on Sunday night: The Artist & The Angel (9 mins) by Paul Anthony Mazzio An aging … Continue reading

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El Rio Pride Video Reveals Bernal’s Wild Side, Is Totally NSFW

Bernal Heights is glamorous, but our neighborhood is often stereotyped as a quiet haven for crunchy people with dogs and families with kids. Of course, we know there is a grain truth to this stereotype, even if — as with … Continue reading

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Drone Video Filmed Over Bernal Hill Lets You Experience the View Like Local Avian Wildlife

Nathan Shipley just earned his wings with the Bernalwood Air Force. Specificially, Nathan just established his credentials to lead the BAF’s Division of Drone Cinematography and Surveillance (BAFDoDCaS), and he did so in fashionable style by sharing some amazing footage … Continue reading

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New Video Profiles Cortland’s “Optimistic Bike Shop”

Following up on his wonderful profile of Bernal artists Joseph Branchcomb and Toby Klayman, Neighbor Steve Sisler has released his next piece in his “Bernal Heights Conversations” video series: A video about Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener, the glamorous couple that … Continue reading

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Bernal Heights Provides Non-Pornographic Demonstration of Vine, Twitter’s New Online Video Service

Vine is a new online video sharing service created by our friends at Twitter. It’s nifty little  service that makes it easy to create and share short, six-second videos that loop endlessly. In theory, that makes Vine an ideal tool … Continue reading

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VIdeo: Moon vs. Fog Over Bernal Hill

Earlier this week, Bernalwood contributor Joe Thomas created this rather awesome time-lapse video that captures a dance of moon and fog taking place around Bernal Hill. It’s beautiful. Joe didn’t add a soundtrack, however, so might we suggest pairing his … Continue reading

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Stunning Tilt-Shift Video of San Francisco Includes Bernal Hill Cameo

I’m grateful to creator Jeremy Williams for including a brief (and foggy) Bernal Hill cameo in his amazing amazing amazing new tilt-shift video of San Francisco, because that provides the excuse I need to share the video with you here. … Continue reading

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