New Video Documents “The Great Bernal Heights Renegade Piano Recital”




Something magical happened on June 28, after a few clever people got the clever idea to haul a piano to the top of Bernal Hill and stage an ad hoc hilltop recital on a (blessedly) warm and welcoming evening.

The event was entered into the history books as “The Great Bernal Heights Renegade Piano Recital,” and now director Darryl Kirchner has released “Piano Heights,” a lovely little documentary that captures the recital as it unfolded at sunset. Enjoy:

El Rio Pride Video Reveals Bernal’s Wild Side, Is Totally NSFW





Bernal Heights is glamorous, but our neighborhood is often stereotyped as a quiet haven for crunchy people with dogs and families with kids.

Of course, we know there is a grain truth to this stereotype, even if — as with most stereotypes — there’s more to the picture than meets the eye. After all, Bernal also has a naughty side, and if you don’t believe us, then we would submit the following video as evidence of our deep, Dionysian tendencies.

The video was made by Ajapopfilms, and it was filmed at El Rio on Mission Street during Pride Weekend in June.

The video is very fun.

The video is very sexxxy.

The video is NOT recommended for viewing in the presence of your co-workers, your children, or your pets.

But when you do watch the video, you will shake your groove thang, and you will smile, and you will feel proud, because you will know that this is part of the essence of who we are:


Drone Video Filmed Over Bernal Hill Lets You Experience the View Like Local Avian Wildlife




Nathan Shipley just earned his wings with the Bernalwood Air Force.

Specificially, Nathan just established his credentials to lead the BAF’s Division of Drone Cinematography and Surveillance (BAFDoDCaS), and he did so in fashionable style by sharing some amazing footage he filmed over Bernal Hill while piloting a radio-controlled camera-copter:

Thought I’d share a quick video I shot over Bernal last week with my quadcopter drone. I was out shooting again this morning for the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema intro credits, and someone I met suggested I get in touch.

We’re glad he did, because this footage is gorgeous. Now we know what it feels like to be one of those red-tailed hawks we jealously admire gliding overhead:

New Video Profiles Cortland’s “Optimistic Bike Shop”


Following up on his wonderful profile of Bernal artists Joseph Branchcomb and Toby Klayman, Neighbor Steve Sisler has released his next piece in his “Bernal Heights Conversations” video series: A video about Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener, the glamorous couple that created the newfangled New Wheel electric bicycle shop on Cortland.

Neighbor Steve writes:

Can you believe two of the nicest kids that I have ever met are selling and servicing quality electric bikes right here in Bernal? I wish I could say The New Wheel is a mom & pop shop, but Karen and Brett need a few years before we can expect children from them. Until then Bernal is lucky to have another fine family business.

Frankly, we’re also rather lucky to have Neighbor Steve  cranking out these terrific videos. Go fullscreen, your feet up on the desk for a few minutes, and get to know Brett and Karen:

Bernal Heights Provides Non-Pornographic Demonstration of Vine, Twitter’s New Online Video Service


Vine is a new online video sharing service created by our friends at Twitter. It’s nifty little  service that makes it easy to create and share short, six-second videos that loop endlessly.

In theory, that makes Vine an ideal tool for Burrito Justice wannabes the world over.

In practice, there is a critical difference: whereas Burrito Justice creates animated GIFs to serve the cause of La Lenguan independence, Vine has become notorious as a haven for short-form porn and exhibitionism. Oops.

Thankfully, Bernal Heights serves as the backdrop for a VSFW demonstration of Vine’s potential, in a video created by Bill Couch that’s called “Bernal Fireworks”

Welcome to the Future… you saw it here first.

VIdeo: Moon vs. Fog Over Bernal Hill

Earlier this week, Bernalwood contributor Joe Thomas created this rather awesome time-lapse video that captures a dance of moon and fog taking place around Bernal Hill. It’s beautiful.

Joe didn’t add a soundtrack, however, so might we suggest pairing his video with a song? Your audio sommelier has selected “Sandusky” by Uncle Tupelo, and it compliments the visuals rather nicely. Start the song below, then start the video above, and enjoy the ride.