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Man Experiences Double Rainbow Moment on Bernal Hill, Without Double Rainbow

Brian Hollinger snapped this stunner on Bernal Hill last night, just as the sun was going down: @Bernalwood one of those #doublerainbow moments up here.

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Rainbow Alert! Downtown Rainbow Strike Observed from Bernal Hill

Rainbow Alert! Rainbow Alert! Rainbow Alert! The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility is tracking a Category Four rainbow event that was captured moments ago by Neighbor Kendall’s 11 year-old daughter. Initial calculations suggest the rainbow may have touched down in the Financial District. … Continue reading

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A Video of Yesterday’s Colossal Moonrise, as Seen from Bernal Hill

Yesterday at dusk, Bernalwood contributor Joe “Jobius” Thomas captured a terrific time-lapse video of the moon rising behind Mount Diablo, as seen from his Observation Post on the eastern slope of Bernal Hill. It was an exceptionally large moonrise, in … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Bernal Hill Sunrise, as Seen from La Lengua

Neighbor Jen lives in Bernal’s La Lengua Autonomous Region, and (unlike us) she is an early riser. She has put her Circadian rhythm to good use by sharing these lovely photos of Bernal Hill taken from her home on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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Neighbor Photographs Dramatic Sunrise Exploding Behind Bernal Heights

Neighbor Markus lives in northeastern Bernal Heights, in the Santana Rancho subdistrict. On Sunday morning, he got up ridiculously early to photograph the sunrise from atop Twin Peaks. Cleverly, Nature conspired to place the sun directly behind Neighbor Markus’s house — and the … Continue reading

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A Ridiculously Great Photo of the Recent Full Moon Rising

Wow. Peep this superb photo of the recent full moon as seen from Bernal Hill that “Lee Comma Dennis” shared via the Bernalwood Flickr Pool. Ridiculously great.

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UPDATED: Epic Pink and Yellow Textured Sunset, as Seen from Bernal

We had some friends over for dinner last night, so I couldn’t sneak up to Bernal Hill to shoot last night’s amazing sunset. But I watched it with a drink in my hand from the back yard — an awe-inspiring … Continue reading

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Stunning “Lava Fog” Spotted from Bernal Heights

Wow. Check out this photo Brian Hollinger took yesterday: Sun setting creates very cool volcano effect with a fog lava flow from Bernal Heights. Yes!! Super hyper cool. UPDATE: Brian kindly shared a high-res version of his photo with us, … Continue reading

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“Fake Dawn” on Bernal Hill Sees Sun Rise in Western Sky

We all know that the sun rises in the east (over Oakland), and sets in the west (over Twin Peaks) — right? Yes! That’s true! But during this week’s huge full moon, Neighbor David witnessed a trick of the light … Continue reading

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Karl the Fog Wanted You to See These Photos of Bernal Heights

We don’t want to brag, so we’ll just tell it straight up: Celebrities dig us. It’s just true. Bernalwood is very popular among the celebrity set, and this week we got a very special celebrity shout-out from everyone’s favorite low-altitude … Continue reading

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The Only Thing Better Than This Photo of Bernal Hill During a Lightning Storm Is This Photo of Bernal Hill During a Lightning Storm with a Soundtrack

The lightning storm that passed through San Francisco on Monday night generated lots of excitement and some terrific photos from around town, but Bernalwood was slightly disappointed that we couldn’t find any good photos of Bernal Hill captured during the … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Photo of Karl the Fog Eating Bernal Heights

Neighbor Ian, who takes consistently amazing photos over on the Instagram, snapped this recent image of Karl the Fog eating the north side of Folsom Street. Nom nom nom… PHOTO: Neighbor Ian

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A Special Sunset for Fans of Pink and Blue

For all you fans of pink and blue out there, last night’s sunset was a very special treat. Thanks to a generous assist from our pal Karl the Fog, a few lucky spectators in Bernal Height enjoyed an explosion of psychedelic … Continue reading

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