A Beautiful Bernal Hill Sunrise, as Seen from La Lengua



Neighbor Jen lives in Bernal’s La Lengua Autonomous Region, and (unlike us) she is an early riser. She has put her Circadian rhythm to good use by sharing these lovely photos of Bernal Hill taken from her home on Sunday morning, in the wee hours of the new day:

I live at the bottom of Bernal (aka La Lengua), and I get up ridiculously early. It’s pretty nice to see that bright pink light filtering through the curtains.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Jen

Neighbor Photographs Dramatic Sunrise Exploding Behind Bernal Heights


Neighbor Markus lives in northeastern Bernal Heights, in the Santana Rancho subdistrict. On Sunday morning, he got up ridiculously early to photograph the sunrise from atop Twin Peaks.

Cleverly, Nature conspired to place the sun directly behind Neighbor Markus’s house — and the rest of Bernal Heights — when he took this photo, which was then shared in the stylish Bernalwood Group on Flickr.

Frankly, Bernal looks pretty fantastic. We also look like we could use a cup of coffee.

PHOTO: Markus Spiering

UPDATED: Epic Pink and Yellow Textured Sunset, as Seen from Bernal


We had some friends over for dinner last night, so I couldn’t sneak up to Bernal Hill to shoot last night’s amazing sunset. But I watched it with a drink in my hand from the back yard — an awe-inspiring explosion of rich pinks and yellows, with rich textures created by a layer of high clouds.

Fortunately, Brian Hollinger was in position to get the shot you see above, while Rachel Balik Instagrammed the one below:

sunset.balikUPDATE: Our friends at @VisualSF shared this bonus photo, with is super-pink and super-textured. Wowzilla:



“Fake Dawn” on Bernal Hill Sees Sun Rise in Western Sky


We all know that the sun rises in the east (over Oakland), and sets in the west (over Twin Peaks) — right?

Yes! That’s true! But during this week’s huge full moon, Neighbor David witnessed a trick of the light that looked an awful lot like dawn emerging from the west:

I got this shot while walking my dog yesterday…

The full moon looks like the sun rising in the west over Noe Valley, as seen from the southwest corner of Bernal Hill!

PHOTO: Neighbor David