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A Special Sunset for Fans of Pink and Blue

For all you fans of pink and blue out there, last night’s sunset was a very special treat. Thanks to a generous assist from our palĀ Karl the Fog, a few lucky spectators in Bernal Height enjoyed an explosion of psychedelic … Continue reading

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That Cold Chill Means Karl the Fog Is Visiting Nearby

Midsummer is upon us, which means the season is nigh for regular visits from San Francisco’s most famous uninvited guest: Karl the Fog. As Citizens of Bernalwood, we are fortunate that the fog often avoids the skies over Bernal Heights … Continue reading

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Summeresque Weather Inspires Early-Morning Photographers on Bernal Hill

Spring has arrived in Bernal Heights, which really means that quasi-summer has arrived in Bernal Heights, since the weather we get during the calendar months of summer tends to be far less warm, less clear, and less glorious than what … Continue reading

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Fallen Tree Courteously Avoids Nearby Car and Scooter

Strong winds took down a tree on Eugenia at Elsie yesterday, and Neighbor Emily commends the Forces of Nature for carefully avoiding the vehicles that were parked nearby: How lucky this car and scooter were that the tree and wind … Continue reading

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Strange Mist Is Revealed as “Karl the Fog” Expressing Affection

Yesterday, the Citizens of Bernalwood awoke to find a spooky mist hovering over Bernal Heights. It was unlike the thick soup of dampness that we often see during “summer” months, however, in that yesterday’s fog was more of a swirling … Continue reading

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Dramatic Morning Sunrise Is Blessedly Meteor-Free

As is her wont, Neighbor Anita was on dawn patrol this morning, scanning the eastern horizon from her South Bernal observation post just as the sun was coming up. Today she recorded this spectacular sunrise, which was (thankfully) drama-free, despite … Continue reading

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Bernal Hill Looks Rakishly Handsome at Sunrise

Michael D. lives around Twin Peaks, so he has a terrific view of… us! He took this photo at sunrise yesterday, as Bernal Hill was just waking up. Thank you Michael!

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Bernalwood’s Rainbow Situation Room Tracks Effects of Multiple Rainbow Strikes Across Bernal Heights

It was a very busy Saturday at the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility. As a series of intense storms brought rain to Bernal Heights, intermittent periods of sunshine generated primary and secondary rainbow aftershocks across our neighborhood. Using the latest … Continue reading

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Visualizing Bernal Heights After Lots and Lots of Sea-Level Rise

Burrito Justice, chief spokesblogger for the La Lengua separatists, recently joined forces with Brian Stokle to provide a detailed examination of what San Francisco would look like following significant sea-level rise caused by global climate change. As you may recall, … Continue reading

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Early-Rising Neighbor Witnesses Blazing Red-Hot Sunrise of Awesome

Thank goodness Neighbor Anita continues to work the dawn shift on the south side of Bernal Heights, so the rest of us can get just a little more sleep. That means she’s on duty to watch for interesting sunrises, even … Continue reading

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Rainbow Alert! Exceptionally Fortuitous “Triple Twelve” Double Rainbow Spreads Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

This morning at approximately 8:08 am, scientists at the Bernal Heights Prismatic Observatory recorded a massive Category 4 rainbow arcing across the northern sky, just west of Mission Street. At the same time, a faint, secondary halo was seen just … Continue reading

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Heavy Rains Create Chert Waterfall on Bernal Hill

The storms that passed through the Dominion of Bernalwood late last week were real soakers. In fact, so much wet stuff fell on us that even after the rains stopped and the sun came out, water continued to flow from … Continue reading

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Crazy Clouds Spotted Over Bernal Heights

@j_gail snapped this photo of Bernal’s north slope and Sutrito Tower yesterday, a little before 5 pm. Also: Wow!

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