Sing Along to “Bernal Heights,” Live at Hotel Utah TONIGHT

Happy to say that we were into it before it was cool, but “Bernal Heights”–  that very pleasing new song by Jhameel —  has become rather popular nationwide, in an indie/underground sort of way. Now his people send word that Jameel will be performing live at the Hotel Utah tonight:

Wanted to let you know that Bay Area Indie-Pop artist Jhameel, who you previously wrote about on Bernalwood is playing his first headline gig @ Hotel Utah on 9/23.

The rest of the world is finally catching up to Bernalwood on “Bernal Heights.” The song recently topped at #4 on the Hype Machine Popular Charts, garnering ten of thousands of plays.

We really appreciated your support for Jhameel’s work so early on, and were hoping you could let your readers know about the show, which is only $8. Hotel Utah offers a warm space with gorgeous sound and excellent drinks where Bernalwooders can hear their theme song in an incredibly intimate setting.

Event Info/Tickets

Listen to Jhameel’s Music, for Free

Listen to “Bernal Heights” right here:

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