Bernal Bikini Jogger Immortalized in Street Stencils

Our beloved Bikini Jogger enjoys a legendary reputation, and now her aura shines even brighter, thanks to some street art stencils that pay homage to her famous fitness technique.

Bluepearlgirl spotted the stencils around Bernalwood:

So this had me in stitches!  I thought it was just great. Our elusive Yeti on pavement!  I stopped in at Chuck’s to get a soda, and then continued on up to Holly Park.  When my friend and i got to the top of the stairs, I couldn’t believe it!!  There she was again!  Our Bikini jogger, immortalized again in paint.

PHOTOS: Bluepearlgirl

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6 thoughts on “Bernal Bikini Jogger Immortalized in Street Stencils

    • When I lived in Sausalito there was this woman jogger long before it became hip. She overcame a terminal illness by jogging consistently…What a miracle! I ran one marathon and that truly saved my “sanity”.

  1. Poor girl. We live in a media driven culture where some feel entitled to pry into the personal lives of anyone they choose. This is why her response about the farmer’s tan was perfect. In case you didn’t get it, it was a subtle “f^ck off.”


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