Video: A Brief History of Cortland Avenue’s Revival

This video was created by CAMEO, a microfunding organization that supports small business development. Yet along the way it delivers a tidy little history of how the modern-day Cortlandia that we all know and love came to be.

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11 thoughts on “Video: A Brief History of Cortland Avenue’s Revival

    • As long as Deli Pub is still there, old Cortland lives on! NOM NOM NOM (That said, the antiques shop that used to be next to it was amazing. Got a killer trunk there that’s my coffee table in the kitchen…)

    • Change is nice, and it is progress. But yes…I miss old the Cortland also. A lot of the diversity that was the cornerstone of Bernal Heights is totally gone, never to return again.

  1. PS I guess “old” Cortland for me is just early-90s, which is later than this video is talking about, so I’ll be quiet now. (Except to say that I treasure Bernal Cutlery, which I first fell in love with when they were out of Drewes Brothers…)

  2. I grew up in Bernal, now I cannot afford to live there any longer. I sure miss breakfast at Toni’s Tradewinds, her husband John sure made an unforgettable breakfast.

  3. I liked the video, but it seemed like the focus was on only a few businesses. Wish there had been exposure of places like Inclusions Gallery, Dan’s Cleaners, A.G. Rivers Windows (probably one of the oldest businesses on the street), and some of the other businesses on Cortland.

  4. This comment has nothing to do with Cortland, I just thought that since it’s Valentine’s Day that I would profess my deep and profound love for Todd Lappin and BERNALWOOD!

  5. It’s a sweet video and a sweet sentiment. I wish they had included my business, Integral Body, that’s quietly been serving the community for 10 years now, yay!, and others that contribute to Bernal with their services too. Maybe the next one will be about us??? I want to be in the “just put a bird on it” video!

  6. Even though it’s pricey, I feel good about supporting Good Life because of the positive change it brought to this neighborhood.

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