Karl the Fog Wanted You to See These Photos of Bernal Heights



We don’t want to brag, so we’ll just tell it straight up: Celebrities dig us.

It’s just true. Bernalwood is very popular among the celebrity set, and this week we got a very special celebrity shout-out from everyone’s favorite low-altitude meteorological phenomenon: Karl the Fog.

(Fun Fact I: When he’s not tweeting at us, Karl the Fog even takes Bernalwood’s phone calls!)

Anyhow, Karl wanted us all to see the terrific photos of Bernal Heights (and Karl) posted at the Jellybeansofdoom blog:

One evening we were out and stopped by Bernalwood to walk around the hill and enjoy the sunset. It’s located just north of us here in San Francisco. It was a beautiful evening.

We were slowly headed back to the car when I looked up and saw that Karl (The Fog) was moving in wispy tendrils along the top of Bernal Hill.

(Fun Fact II: The only thing Karl likes more than making a dramatic entrance is making a dramatic entrance when there are paparazzi around to capture it.)

PHOTOS: Jellybeansofdoom

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One thought on “Karl the Fog Wanted You to See These Photos of Bernal Heights

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